Kidnapped by a Destardly Fiend

November 24, 2010 at 12:01 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

What happened wasn’t as bad as I’m gonna make it sound so don’t worry about my safety, but recently I was kidnapped by a mustached fiend. You know the guy that always ties the girl to the railroad tracks. It was all thanks to four loko. Yes, the energy alcoholic drink can turn someone into a kidnapper such as Dick Dastardly. Really I kind of wish the mustached guy had a pencilstache, then I could’ve said I’d been kidnapped by Dick Dastardly. But who would believe that? Is it wrong that I think that would’ve been awesome? He had more of a 70s porn mustauche to celebrate Movember.  Too bad huh?

Four Loko and Staches don’t mix. Don’t do it. 

Four Loko has been known to make people do some crazy shit.  Think it should be banned?



  1. neftwink said,

    I thought it already had been….I’ve never had it, but isn’t it similar to vodka and Red Bull or something?

  2. kagehime said,

    Yeah its been banned in a few places, but not in most places yet . It is like Vodka and Red Bull but people act like that have no self control at all when they drink Four Loko…probably because its so cheap.

  3. JC said,

    Man 4 Loko be crazy! It be real crazy!

  4. Why I should have my own show pt 1 « Kagehime's Pop Heart said,

    […] 1. I was kidnapped […]

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