Art isn’t all that serious, yo

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If I just told you that the National Gallery in DC has some awesome art you could rightly say duh. They’ve got Da’vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Vermeer to name a few famous artists in this gallery. Not that I knew that when I went in.  I guess I thought it was all American art or something.  I don’t know why though. I’m so glad I was wrong. The great art was great, but it was even better, because a lot of it was hilarious. There are things going on in some paintings that aren’t exactly normal, you just have to look at it closely enough.  Which could get you in trouble.  It got me talked to more than once. 

This paintings bigger than the pic I took of it, but seriously the dog is biting the horse in a very bad place.

Look at this painting. Dude looks just like Professor Quirrell, that teacher in Harry Potter that was hiding Voldemort on his head.

Think about what you could do with this? People could give humor tours in museums to point out these hilarious bits and connections to our culture today.  It would definitely attract young people.


PS. Come on VMFA. This could take you to the next level.

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The Home of the Cavemen

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I went to the home of the Caveman today, the Martin Agency. Yeah they made those cavemen commericals, you know the ones. Just walking in was awesome.  The mere appearance of the agency is awesome.  I’ve seen the Martin Agency’s work and know awesomeness comes from there, but for the building itself to be awesome, I hadn’t expected that.  I think in general ad agencies are designed better than the average work space. Square white rooms don’t exactly inspire great thoughts of creativity.  I hate square white rooms. If I had ever been to jail I’m sure that’s exactly what they would remind me of. Basically if the space ain’t cool, I don’t want to work there.

The agency even has a spiral staircase. I love those. One day I plan to get one put into my house.  Of course I would need a house for that, but I have time. Although if I worked somewhere with a spiral staircase maybe I wouldn’t need to put one in my house. But what can I say? I’m obsessed.

And of course I ran into the Gecko there.

Do I want to work for the Martin Agency? I have time to decide, but it does seem really awesome there.


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