Pop Heart

pop heart

In case you were wondering what a pop heart is, its the part of you that makes you look up gossip, keep up with sports or the news,  and keeps the paparazzi employed. Although pop hearts are often vicious and uncaring as in how people wanted news about Britney Spears when she was having a tough time and the reason Michael Jackson’s death became a fiasco, a pop heart provides a connection between large groups of people.  Since we’re all participants in pop culture we all have pop hearts.  

Granted I’m not the person to come up with the term pop heart.  I’m not exactly sure who was, but its populized by Lady Gaga.  I’m not sure what the originally definition is either.  I just wrote what it means to me.  And everything’s pop now days you can’t escape it.  Of course there’s still underground music, art, etc, but when politics went pop I say everything else did as well.


PS The Pop Heart wears Prada Shades even while it kills for its pop fix.  It reminds me of the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

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