A View of Kagehime

Well I’m Kagehime the author of this blog.  I love pop culture and had to make a blog to show it.  I’m going into advertising and I’m really into art. Currently I’m working on a modern twist of Snow White, called Snow as a manga. I also digitally turn people into cartoons and as you can see above I paint.  So I plan to be like Andy Warhol somewhat I suppose although I love telling everyone I was born on Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday.

A picture speaks a thousand words right? Here’s pics from my room.

Framed Record Albums over my bed.

A Jackson 5 Record in a Harajuku lovers box next to an awesome children’s book.  Then there’s my guitar to the left and a shinai to the right and yes that’s Donovan McNabb in the corner.

Lady Gaga’s on my door.  Only poster of an artist I’ve ever owned.  I’ve wanted other ones like Jimi Hendrix but in college my roommate wasn’t going to have it. I guess she thought that would mean druggies lived there and I couldn’t convince her otherwise.

Some reading like Animal Farm and The Last Unicorn which I found in a cool used book store called the Mermaid.  I seriously wondered if that place had a secret passage to a place like Narnia.  If it did I didn’t find it.



  1. bibomedia.com said,


  2. Tarina said,

    Hi there.
    I like your blog! You have entertaining things to say about music and pop culture.

  3. kagehime said,

    Thanks bunches 🙂

  4. ReadersHeaven said,

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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