Family Game

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Family Game or 家族ゲーム(kazoku geemu)  is a movie directed by Yoshimitsu Morita in 1983. Its a parody of the Japanese family life in the 80s and the emphasis of school.  It was a really strange movie, but it was hilarious.  Nobody was truly functional.  It was like they were a family that knew about family roles but really didn’t know how to fulfill them. 

The father was gone all the time working and when he was home he’s still not truly part of the family.  He holds all his important conversations out in the car (which is definitely out of the home).  He wants his sons to get an education so they can do well later in life (presumably better than him) but he doesn’t seem to care about anything else in association with them.  It gets to the point where the eldest son is alone and the tutor he hires for his younger son is almost seen as a father to him, because he is so much closer to him. I say almost like a father because the tutor is a very questionable character considering how close he gets to each of the family members physically.The mother cares only for her sons’ well being and her husband’s although she upset him once by not realizing something about him.

There are a lot of scenes in the movie that make it seem theatrical and on a stage.  The scenery is really industrial and the people are distant. And the last scene is grand.  If for no other reason to watch this movie you should see it for that scene.  I don’t think anyone who sees it truly understands it, I surely didn’t.  I just felt that it had to be powerful and symbolic of mess the whole family was in.  It’s difficult to place a game if you know what the rules say, but don’t understand them isn’t it? That’s rather how the movie played out. 


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