Why I should have a show pt 2

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Two comics from my time at William and Mary. Both are true.  I have a lot more stories…enough to make a show from college. And every day that goes by I have more weird tales. I’m rather embarassed to show these comics now that I’m much better at drawing and photoshop, but I think they represented my life in undergrad. 

Work really was like being on the Office and yes I really did get chased by a Swamp Monster…


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Reminder of Alice in Wonderland

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Richmonds got some creepy stuff.  I found this statue of 3 girls in a building at VCU and it reminds my of Alice in Wonderland. They kind of look like if Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum had sisters. And VCU was established in 1838  and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first printed in 1865.  Maybe it was the look of the time? Because I know this statue is old whether or the campus is actually that old for the most part is another story. The building it was in was old too with an old furnace which I now wish I had taken a picture of.

Granted this statue may not be as creepy as some statues of children I’ve seen at William and Mary or Maymount Park, but those didn’t remind me of Alice in Wonderland.  They just kind of scared me.

Maymount Statue

William and Mary statue  This one you kinda just walk up on from the woods and don’t really notice.

Maybe I just don’t like bronze statues?


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Failed Attempt and Egg-Frying Heat

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I really wanted to go to the Virgin Mobile FreeFest that will be at the Merriweather Post in Maryland, but it just didn’t work out.  Buying concert tix is usually bad enough. Trying to get them free was atrocious. I think it was the first time this festival was free.  I hope it works out so they can have it again. Ticketfly kept kicking my friend and I off and wouldn’t let us get any tix. It was worse than registration at William and Mary, which is saying a lot.   It kept making up crap like you have two browsers up at once when really only one was up and I was forcibly removed from the site for what? And then when I had pretty much gotten the tix I was kicked off the site and of course I ended up with nothing.  I was so close. I could have seen MIA, ludacris, TI, Joan Jett, Jimmy Eat World, and a lot of other acts like the up and coming Sleigh Bells.  Oh well, there’s always next time and who know who’ll be there.  And there will be other concerts, but not free like this.  And the only person who I’ve heard got tix is a computer wiz.  Were you lucky enough to get tix? If you were I’m jealous.  That is going to be one hell of a show. And I haven’t been able to be a fan at the last concerts I’ve gone to because I’m technically at work. 😦 I was looking foward to yelling my lungs out.

Its been so hot lately that my internet hasn’t been holding up to the heat.  Maybe if it wasn’t so hot I would have gotten a ticket? Anyways it reached 105 degrees in Richmond yesterday which broke a record for July here.  I figured it was hot enough to fry an egg on the black pavement and boy was I right. I fried an egg and made sun tea, just set water outside with tea bags in it.  And today is supposed to be just as hot…I hate this heat, but it least its doing my cooking for me right?


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From sisters to ladies

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I mentioned the amount of ladies there are in music today before, like Lady Gaga, Ladytron, Lady Hawke. Need I go on?  But it wasn’t always popular to be a lady.  Sister used to be popular and what’s that say about the way we think today?

Twisted Sister’s known for their kooky outfits and the song We’re not going to Take it.

Sister Hazel  Remember their song All for you?  Great song.  That’s a 90s song for you.  I did see them in concert last year.  It was cool.  It was a surprise concert really thrown on Blow Out at William and Mary. 

Night Ranger “Sister Christian”  Yeah the groups not a sister, but they did that song Sister Christian and I think that qualifies them to join the sisters.

Scissor Sisters is the only modern group of sisters I know of at the moment.  Not to say that the other sisters aren’t still performing, because they are.  They’re also the only sister that even has a girl in the group.  None of the other sisters do.  Really what makes a group of guys take on the name sister? I want to ask that about the groups using the term ladies too.

Totally embarassed. I forgot Sister Sledge of We are family and He’s the Greatest Dancer (Which a certain Will Smith song sounds like)  fame and the Pointer Sisters with the likes of I’m so Excited and Jump (for my love).  How is that even possible?

Do you like the sisters better than the ladies?


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Exciting William and Mary football news!

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Here’s a comic I did portraying William and Mary’s win over UVA in football. William and Mary’s not known for having a good football team and is a really small school in comparison to UVA.  I am extremely proud of WM’s football team. 

Go Tribe!


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Memories of the King of Pop

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I was afraid to write about Michael Jackson right after he died, because so many people were doing it to the point that facebook and twitter shut down.  And I just didn’t know what to say.  I was so shocked by the news I didn’t even know what to think.  Then the rumours about his death started to fly around and I decided to wait until I knew something better, because I wanted to write something that shows something meaninful without sounding like I was part of the frenzy which I’m probably still part of.

Well basically I was raised on Michael Jackson.  My brother didn’t really want to listen to anyone else.  We have the moonwalker vid and everything.  I liked Michael Jackson, but I don’t think I was exactly crazy about him even though I did think he was awesome, but he was an important part of my childhood.  But I remember trying to do the lean from smooth criminal a lot, unsuccessfully.   When I see videos like Leave Me Alone and Jam, smooth criminal, bad, and remember the time or anything from Moonwalker, remember that rabbit?,  they remind me of my childhood which I think was a good one so they make me happy to see.  Sure I was born in ’87, the year Bad came out, but that was the music played in my house for some years later.  I remember watching Leave me alone and not knowing who Elizabeth Taylor was or that she was in the video.  And the dog in the vid was similar to dogs that seemed popular in the late 80s and early 90s.  And the things at the gate at :58 remind me of the hamburger helper glove.  In general the whole kookiness of the video reminds me of my childhood, like the jumbled up and sporadic memories of children. 

I was one of those people that started listening to music of my own in high school, but especially in college.  It was then that I rediscovered MJ.  This time I appreciated the excellence of his music and performances and watched the videos because they were good and interesting, not just because it was something on at my house.

And in college I had friends who totally obessessed over him like he was a new fad or something.  One did thriller all the time and one wanted to film a scene from bad and have everyone dress up as Michael through his different phrases, because we were all of different backgrounds .  And they even drew pictures of him and posted it in public and watched too many videos.  One time I had a three hour one and they watched it until they had headaches.  And on the end of that tape, because it was old, was when Michael released stranger in moscow, which I found to be one of his best whether or not it was popular didn’t matter. I think the song is absolutely amazing, but I think that like Leave Me Alone was too true to life for people to want to listen to.   Oh and how he came in on a jet pack for a concert for his dangerous tour that was the craziest and best thing I’ve seen an artist do to date.   I think it was then that I fell into the Michael Jackson craze.  I found Who is it, Give in to me,  Earth Song and scream, watched those crazy little pop up music vids, and just started listening to his music alot. 

When I started playing the guitar that of course got me more interested in guitarists and guitars in songs.  Then I found out that Michael Jackson had Van Halen for beat it, Slash for Give in to me and Black or White, and Billy Idol’s guitaritist for Smooth Criminal.  All of who are amazing.

And it helped that I went to William and Mary and joined the group of 242 to beat the record of thriller.  I think the senior class was all crazy about him.  Where ever the class prez went thriller was played.  I was once walking to see a friend and had to pass a whole bunch of people doing thriller.  It was great.

Then not too long after I graduated Michael Jackson died.  Then everyone suddenly loved him when only a little while before they kept calling him a child molester and crazy.  Suddenly hundreds of people gathered to do thriller to pay tribute to the king.  People wanted to walk around with one glove and do the moonwalk again. 

I find it sad that Michael who was such a part of my childhood died so soon after I became a legitimate adult.   And that his death was treated with such a fiasco. 

For someone who as a child didn’t have a childhood he contributed greatly to the childhoods of millions of children. And I feel that he is the Mozart of our era. The muscian other muscians look up to, but who had difficulties in their personal lives, and died from illness on the verge of a come back.


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William and Mary Thriller

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Just so you know William and Mary of Williamsburg, VA beat the Thriller world record of most people dancing.   The previous record was around 170 and now its 242.  More people have danced to Thriller at once, but they didn’t apply to the Guiness Book of World Records so they never increased the record. 

I was out there.  But unfortuanately you can’t see me in the video.  Although I can be seen in this picture.  There are more views of the dance considering that people were lined up on the sidelines to watch.  If only they had joined we would have had more people, but its over now so I shouldn’t dwell on it. 

Anyways our class president who is wearing the hat in the video was obsessed with Michael Jackson and Thriller.  He danced it everywhere and eventually convinced a lot of people to come out and dance to it.  So after several hours of practice we did the final dance that beat the record.  They were really strict about signing up people and counting. Watch the end its really creepy. 🙂  Well it was fun and I can say I was a part of a World record.

And as you can see some people dressed the part.


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