Some Cartoon News

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Recently there’s been some crossovers between the real world and the cartoon world and some updates which has provided some interesting cartoon news.

Marge Simpson graces the cover of playboy. She’s looking good for whatever age she is.  I don’t think she’s aged a day since the beginning of the show.

And Sponge Bob plans his wedding to Sandy.  This pic wasn’t drawn by me, but I thought it portrays the mood of their wedding well. Sponge’s getting married and the guests are out of this world! They include   Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, LeBron James, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Will Ferrell, Craig Ferguson, and Rosario Dawson.

Winnie the Pooh sequel. There’s an otter and Eeyore’s” more proactive”? What’s that supposed to mean?

 What do you think about this? 


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Star Trek and Summer Movies

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I just saw Star Trek yesterday. Really good.  I heard it was but wow.  It had both action and comedy.  Few things I didn’t like though. A few of the scenes went long (like two) Really shouldn’t complain about that.  And the fact that the guys that killed Kirk’s father came at the same time Kirk went into space.  What’s the chances of that? And then some of the roles in the movie did seem kind of old fashioned.  And did you notice all the fros? I guess they might come back.  I’m glad Sylar (don’t know the actors name) from Heroes made a good Spock.

 I had planned to go earlier but I had ended up seeing Wolverine instead. That was good too.  I really hadn’t expected it to be good.  In fact I thought it was going to be horrible. Especially when they showed Wolverine and Sabertooth going through every war they could.  The CGI was amazing except for one scene in the mirror.  If you saw it you should know what I’m talking about.  Wolverine’s claws looked so fake in that scene. Gambit was freaking amazing! Loved his cards and fighting scenes.  Some of the scenes were funny and I don’t think they were supposed to be but that didn’t detract from the movie.  Like the scene in which wolverine broke free from the faculties and was running around naked and jumped off the waterfall.  Also that movie was overly full of “manliness.” So many muscles and fights. 

So some other movies I want to see this summer?

Year One with Jack Black and Michael Cera  Looks hilarious

Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell  Funny?

GI Joe  the trailer look awesome

Don’t particularly want to see Transformers 2 though.  Looks kind of…and besides Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf’s jerk character?

What movies do you want to see?


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Don’t Fear the Reaper

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I finally found out what more cowbell means. I’ve heard the joke more often than someone who doesn’t understand necessarily wants to hear.  I knew it was an SNL skit and that’s about it.  But then I heard Don’t fear the Reaper and looked it up and viola the SNL skit.  And the real song does sound like it has cowbells which makes it funnier.  The skit’s funny (Much funnier than the joke out of context which I fear I will do because it was really funny.

The song’s awesome and not about suicide as so many people think.  I never even thought about that until a read some comments and stuff.  I just assumed it was about eternal love even beyond death.  What do you think about the meaning of the song?


cowbell I kind of used a little more cowbell.

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