I’m back for a while at least

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I haven’t written on this blog in a long time.  Sorry, but I do write on another blog, William and Mary Comics. Currently my friend who runs the blog hasn’t been on it to update it so although I wrote stuff no one will she it until she puts it up.  In the mean time I can write on this one.  Its summer so I have time to write two (if she ever gets online). 


On another note I’ve read some good books (can’t write that on the other blog). There may be spoilers following this statement, but the backs of the books themselves are sometimes spoilers especially in the case of Uglies.  I read the whole uglies series including extras. How does a trilogy get a fourth book?  I guess when its popular and the main character is someone else in a different place namely Japan.  I think the first three were in California mostly.  I wish people used the slang in this book it was so awesome.  I would so use words like littlies, pretty making and special head.  This series reminded me of The Giver and Brave New World.  Everyone was all for pleasure and people were content to live in a world that was less that liberating to say the least. I was mad at the end of the third book when they basically went off to become terrorists in a mission to save humanity from itself.


I also read the Maximum Ride series. I really loved Max.  She cracked jokes on everything even refering to death as dirt naps.  Of course she also kicked butt, beating up everything from super kid to a giant frankenstein creation thing.  So the fourth book did get a little soapy with its global warming stuff and captain planet rhetoric, but hey that is a serious problem. Max and the flock, for all their butt kicking and car stealing took the good way to save the world unlike the bad guys who wanted to kill half the human population in order to start off in an orderly world that sounds kind of like in Uglies except for in Uglies people were wiped out pretty much by accident.  The scientists in Patterson’s series wanted to beat the accident to the punch. 

Destroying something or hindering people from being free are not the way to save the world or planet.  Protecting people from themselves is not really a good business to get into. And terrorism doesn’t work either. Well both series are good and four books long.  Also, the people are trying to save the world.  Everyone has there own way and to be extremely corny what’s yours?


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