Back to school and page 4

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 I’m back to school (because I am a college student).  This semester looks like its going to be busy.  I’m definitely not going to be able to post my own art work up everyday.  I’ll try putting it up as often as possible and seeing that I’m not an art student I don’t have time to draw everyday. I’m actually a Government and East Asian studies major.

Well I hope you like my short manga.  So far its the best one I’ve done (I’ve done several others. 2 that end and 3 that haven’t so far and to think I’m planning on working on a another one.  Maybe I should just finish one that I’ve started first.)

Here’s page four:


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Hello world!

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I’m Kagehime from the William and Mary Comics blog.  I decided to blog on my on as while as with the comics club.  I’ve found that blogging is addictive so I made a personal blog.  Here I can write about myself and post pictures that I draw as well.  I could put pictures on the other site as well, but as seeing that I haven’t so far I doubt I will.  I haven’t drawn any pictures that match what I was writing about.

Besides it is more free doing my own blog, than being apart of another.  Although its going to get hard writing for two blogs considering that I am a full time student. Because I’m still on winter break I have the illusion of free time.


Since this is my own blog I can do silly stuff like this:

This is a picture of Harhi Suzumiya where I changed her expression and the color of her jacket from red to purple

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