Twitter’s got power over you

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According to an article Twitter is part of a move toward news that is too fast for people to process correctly.  Which means we’re not going to show the correct emotional response to things.  Also, it could make us have all seem like we have ADD with really short attention spans.  Could end up like John Mayer and get sucked into Twitter.  Heard he spends like 5 hrs a day on Twitter and that was a reason for Jennifer Aniston breaking up with him. 

Personally, I haven’t spent too much time on Twitter.  Facebook’s more of my thing and blogging too.  I don’t think people want to know every single part of my day.  Would you be interested in knowing what type of drink I have and when I drink it? The amazing thing is that it seems like senators and the like, basically people you wouldn’t think would Twitter, are the ones that think you would be interested in their drink choice. 

Some people do Twitter relevent information.  I mean there was a Twitter revolution in Moldova earlier this month.  I hadn’t even known that many people had computers there, not to mention Twitterers. Moldova is a small country that was part of the Soviet Union.  Because the Communist part won the election, the young people, the Twitterers, twittered and formed a revolution.  The government hadn’t expected the number of protesters that came out or the chaos that ensued. So the revolution was called the Twitter Revolution. 

Does Twitter have power over you or have you remained Twitter free?


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