Laughing in songs

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Laughing is in a lot of songs and I can’t figure out what it brings to them. But here are a few songs with laughing.

Britney Spears Gimme More Just makes her sound crazy.

Sting /The Police   Roxanne I heard the laugh was because of an accident.

And this very funny song fancy pants with Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight.

Seems strange to compare these songs, but they do all have laughter in them. If you have anymore songs with laughing in it or an idea of why there is laughter in songs please share.


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Magic Date November 23rd

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What’s up with releasing all these albums on the same day? I know they’re trying to jump start the holiday season and this is a good time to release albums, but seriously all on the same day?

Shakira She Wolf    I liked the song She Wolf whether other people liked it or not I can’t say.

Lady Gaga   Fame Monster    Listen to the dark side of fame.  Some of the songs are scary so watch out, but they’re all addictive.

Beyonce     Iam…Yours  Live album   Beyonce’s first live album and she’s got pipes that are shown off live.

Adam Lambert  For Your Entertainment   Glam

Rihanna     Rated R        Was this written for Chris Brown? Some of it is kind of it is frightening and sounds really rough.

Susan Boyle   I Dreamed a Dream   She can sing for real.

Kenny G     Holiday Album     Yes he’s releasing an album

And it looks like Britney Spears was a little off with release of her singles collection.

Are you planning to buy one of the many albums released on November 23rd?  In person or on itunes? Or are you just into singles?  Personally I’m getting the fame monster.  I haven’t figured out if I’m getting the version with the fame attached or not.  I’m buying the actual physical CD  because I want the cover.


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Hitchcock and Russian Roulette

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What’s with the use of Alfred Hitchcock in songs recently.  Pitbull mentions him in Oche Calle.  But for him he wants to make a film and you know the kind I mean.  Lady gaga makes clear refences to Hitchcock’s movies in Bad Romance with “I want your psycho, your vertigo stick, want you in my rear window,” which she explains in her Alexa Chung interview as wanting someone to the point that your willing to accept even the deepest darkest parts of them and of course its a Hitchcock shoutout.

Russian Roulette’s making its rounds in songs as well.  But so far its hit and miss.  Lady Gaga says “Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun” in Pokerface.  And Rihanna’s got a new song called Russian Roulette, but so far I’ve heard at least as many complaints as praises about the song.

Like any of these songs?


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Woman in a cage

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Lately I’ve seen some songs music videos featuring women in cages.

Namely Shakira She Wolf  , Rihanna Disturbia, and Ciara and Justin Timberlake Love, Sex, Magic.    Anyways a lot of people are acting like they don’t know what a she wolf is, but I’m sure they have to know.  Remember those old tex avery cartoons in which the man turned into a wolf when he saw a beautiful woman? Well this is the female version of the wolf, hence she wolf, but the she wolf is being supressed so she’s in a cage.

 What do you think about this?


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S-S-Stuttering in Songs

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Stuttering is a problem that many people deal with, yet its something that shows up again and again in popular songs.  What is it about stuttering that makes it useful for songs and that people seem to like it?  Is it the repetition of a sound in a certain way?

Here’s a list of a few.  If you have more please comment. 

Lady Gaga Paparazzi  poker face  eh eh nothing else I can say 

Rihanna Umbrella

Jeremiah  Birthday Sex

And of course there’s Scatman by Scatman John who says in the song that

(Scatting by Scatman John)

Everybody stuttersone way or the other
So check out my message to you.
As a matter of fact don’t let nothin’ hold you back.
If the Scatman can do it so can you.

Everybody’s sayin’ that the Scatman stutters
But doesn’t ever stutter when he sings.
But what you don’t know I’m gonna tell you right now
That the stutter and the scat is the same thing.
Yo I’m the Scatman.


In 1965 the BBC refused to play The Who’s “My Generation”, saying they did not want to offend people who stuttered. When the song became a huge hit, the broadcaster relented and added it to their play list.

Seems that people like stuttering in songs, but not in speech.  What do you think about this?


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Gaga Fashion

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I’m sure everyone knows Lady Gaga’s got fashion whether you like it or not.  Liked that zipper eye she wore on American idol?  I like her fearless style.  Aristist have been known to wear outrageous things.  Sometimes its a hit and others its a miss.  It takes someone fearless to truly find hits.

One thing that I’ve learned from her fashion is who her inspiration is and I think they are awesome.  I’ve been learning a lot about fashion from Lady Gaga.  Funny considering she has a song called fashion where she lists off some of the top designers.  I was kind of clueless before to tell you the truth…I didn’t know what Manolos where besides that they were designer shoes.

There’s Margiela

Lady GaGa-RWP-000716.jpg

Like the shoulder pads?

Then there’s Chaylan Have you seen the bubble dress?


Some people have rightly commented that Lady Gaga’s haus created an almost exact replica of the Chaylan dress instead of buying one.  The thing I have to disagree about with this post is that Chaylan did not miss out on publicity.  I found out about it because Lady Gaga’s always saying his name and since I liked the bubble dress I found out who’s idea it was.  And it was a good thing she never claimed it was her idea, or else that really would have been stealing.

The list goes on and on really for designers that I either found out because of her or found out more about them. I’m sure you don’t want an entire list of them.  It would really get ridiculous.  But by learning about designers I’ve found the ones that I like.  I’m sure that will be others that I like, but at least know I can say I have favorites.

And has anyone else noticed that Lady Gaga’s style has been progressing? At first it consisted of catsuits, shoulder pads, head scarves, and no pants stuff with fairly plain designs.  Now she has the zipper eye-star outfit, the prism dress, the black and white lightning dress, the bubble dress, the chrome dress, and who knows what else.


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Going down to Texas

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Well I’ll be going to start my journey down to Texas tomorrow. I’ll be gone about a week so no blog for a little while.  It’s going to be a road trip in a time of high gas.  How smart is that? 

For the trip I downloaded some new songs from i tunes.  I had a little problem with downloaded because of some confusion between the old and new versions, but once it was completely updated there were no problems.  Here’s my list:

Viva la vida    Coldplay

Violet Hills    Coldplay

All along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze   Jimi Hendrix

California Dreamin’   Mamas and Papas

A Hazy Shade of Winter  Bangles

Eternal Flame       Bangles

Falling Down        Duran Duran

Jumper                 Third Eye Blind

Four Minutes       Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Timberland

American Boy     Estelle and Kanye

Island in the Sun   Weezer

No Rain               Blind Melon

Jealousy              Gin Blossoms

White Room        Cream

Dirty Little Secret   All American Rejects

What I noticed from my list is a lot of 90s music sounds like it came from either the late 60s or 70s while music now kind of sounds like 80s.  Like these are the children of those generations playing music now.

I am also hoping to be lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Breaking Dawn from the library today since it just came out today so I could read it on my trip, but I’m starting to have doubts that my hold on it will let me get it today.  Oh well… I have other books to read.


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