Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

August 10, 2008 at 3:13 am (movies) (, , , , , , )

Awesome, awesome movie and an awesome experience to go along with it.  It was like the most awesome chic flick I’ve ever seen.  It was even better than the first.  The girls are a little older and their problems are threatening their friendship and love is a harsh teacher.

I saw the movie in Texas with two of my cousins and a friend of theirs.  One of my cousins told my uncle we were going and he thought she said that we were going to the traveling pants show like the pants were going to move by themselves.  At the theater the guy selling tickets accidently tried charging 49.99 for four or five tickets to the girls (going to see Traveling Pants of course) instead of 29.99.  I was like woo that’s way too much.  If he hadn’t got corrected I was about to turn around.  Those would have been some expensive tickets.

Inside the ticket collecter said that he heard that the pants could move around and shoot lasers. I told him yes.  He wasn’t the only male who wanted to know why girls wanted to see the movie and the only answer I can give to that is that we’re girls.

Then preview time.  They all targeted girls and women with previews for Twilight and The women. There was also a preview for a really cute mouse movie.  And I heard clapping for the Twilight preview. So excited.  I’m worried the movies going to be messed up.   Not all good books are turned into good books (Eragon).  That was a messed up movie.  It was hillarious and it wasn’t supposed to be.  If they do that to Twilight….Well I hope they don’t, but I’m not happy with their choice for Edward.  He looks really strange. At least Jacob looks good, but I had imagined someone better for Edward…oh well. So what do you think about the choices?



During the movie, the audience which filled the theater, were all female except for two or three guys.  Hearing everyone aww and yell in sync was awesome.  So girls go see this movie.  It’s really good and try not to cry, because you just might tear up without meaning to.


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