The Graduate Music

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I just watched The Graduate and I must say that is an awesome movie.  Not to mention the music. Sadly the reason I watched it was because I saw the Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner movie, Rumour has it (watch isn’t very good, interesting, but not good) and found out that it was based on an older movie, the graduate which I was told was good.

I am now officially a Simon and Garfunkel fan especially for their lyrics.  I’m embarassed I wasn’t a fan before especially since I knew all about A hazy shade of winter (although I guess its because I do like the Bangles version better that I didn’t think of becoming a fan of theirs).

If you have not heard the Sounds of Silence and Mrs. Robinson listen to them now.

Seems the movie influence the lyrics of the Macarena with the line “I am not trying to seduce you.”


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The better, more popular cover

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Usually covers are not better than or become more popular than the original but sometimes they are. (Mostly they are worse like movie remakes).  Especially with the songs that you don’t realize are covers. 

Some of these songs have A LOT of covers, but I only put the original and most popular cover.

Tainted Love  Soft Cell cover Gloria Jones  original  Ever wonder why the song sounds like 60s?

Hazy Shade of Winter   Bangles   cover          Simon and Garfunkel  original

Self Control  Laura Branigan  cover   Raf  original

It’s my Life   No Doubt  cover  Talk Talk  original

MacArthur Park   Donna Summer cover  Richard Harris original

Which of these do you like better the original or the cover?  Did you know about the original before?  Know anymore better/more popular covers? I would like to know more.


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