New Moon and Eclipse

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I finally got book two from the library in the Twilight series so I went ahead and read that one and the third because I had already gotten it from the library.  Book two was losely framed around Romeo and Juliet, while the third was framed around Wuthering Heights.  It kind of reminded me of Wuthering Heights. I didn’t like the characters in the book, but the book was still awesome and is one of my favorites.  And although I didn’t like either Catherine or Heathcliff I still wanted them to be together.

To get back to the Twilight series Isabella Swan annoyed me to no end.  She was so clumsy to the point where I was wondering Is this for real?, because even I was never that bad and it was like she had a death wish or something.  Also she could not live without her love, Edward Cullen, because there was nothing else in her life in her mind.  But I did like Edward and Jacob Black.  I just wish Bella could see her own life worth.  I guess that’s why I found her annoying.  She was likeable though and I guess this book shows the power of first person narrative. I got to see what Bella thought of herself more so than what others thought.

It still managed to be a good book.  I could really see it as a shojo manga though. People would really flip over that.  It’s kind of similar to Vampire Knight in a way, but without some of the things that I found were distasteful in that.

I may not have liked the main character, but that didn’t stop me from reading all three of the books and enjoying them.  And seeing that Stephenie Meyer has a new book with another on the way I think I’ll be checking them out. 

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Yet another contest

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In November I entered a contest in which I had to draw a manga.  It was a doujinshi (or fan comic) for the manga Black Sun, Silver Moon.  I never read the manga, but by looking at the art and reading the story line I managed to draw a doujinshi.  I was a finalist in the competition so I won a few prizes and got my work displayed at the New York Anime Festival. I couldn’t go see my work display which would have been nice, because I don’t live in New York and I wasn’t going to travel up there in the middle of December.

My Doujinshi turned out to be five pages and a cover page.  I admit the cover is a piece of crap, because that is the first and only picture I’ve started and  finished on photoshop, but I can guarantee that the rest of my little manga is not.


Page one is below.  I’ll be posting the rest little by little.


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