Cost of a strat

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I was walking around best buy looking at the electric keyboards and turned around to see guitars. Really cheap ones that say that they are made by Gibson and Fender.  They were under 200 bucks along with the amp. I look at the box, well only the fender because that’s the kind I bought, in order to compare the cost and see what’s different about it.  So my strat was 399 because it was made in Mexico and that one was around 100 or so, because it came with the amp.  And considering the price of the American made guitars to my Mexican made one… I only hope the quality is more.  Is the difference that is more assembly line style made and that the workers are paid less, because I noticed that where the workers are paid less and less so is the price.

I’m all for cheap stuff. Especially now with the economy and the low weight of the dollar, but I’m for quality and getting the bang for the buck.  Also I don’t like to think that people are being ripped off so badly (workers and consumers both).  What are we doing in are search for cheaper and cheaper goods? And is it even worth it?

The best guitars were said to be made in the late 50s and early 60s before they became mass produced.  I’m sure they were more expensive comparatively and I wonder how much the workers were paid in comparison, but I wonder how much quality is lost.  It is not only the guitar that has become like this.  So many other things have been made cheap so that people can afford them, but as they are made cheap they are outsourced. Businesses try to rip off their workers to make profits and keep costs down.


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A rant cuz everyone needs one

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The price of everything is going up and the economy is going into a bad recession.  I’m sure everyone knows this even though economists and everyone else keeps denying this. I’m sure they don’t want people to panic but I think what they’re doing is making things worse.

So what’s going up and why? and who’s doing what about it?

1. Food     Because of gas the cost of trucking food is higher so the truckers need more money to bring the food in.  Also the prices of corn is climbing because of all the flooding in the mid-west. So the price of popcorn is like doubling and everything with corn syrup or corn meal or just corn in general which seems to be most American food is going up.   What are company’s doing to keep prices down? Making the portions smaller and even still the price is going up.  Ice cream is kinda expensive now.

2. Electricity    Dominion Virginia Power is raising electric rates by more than 18 percent this summer because of the soaring prices of coal, gas and oil (I don’t know about other companies or anywhere else all I can do is assume they have to raise prices too). The rates for the company have jumped by nearly 200% apparently so they have to raise rates.  Hopefully it won’t go up 200%, but I think it will eventually, but the company is trying to work with people, but it does have to make a profit.

3. Gas   Well that’s out of control.  It just keeps going up.  It think the national average is over $4 now.

It’s an endless circle back to the availablity and the cost of resources.

So hope you ditched that SUV and started carpooling or using public transportation. And hey maybe you’ll lose weight from eating those smaller portions.

I think hard times are ahead. Food prices all over the world are raising and the stock markets are dropping.  And its getting harder to come across jobs and people are filing bankruptcy more and more often.

Did the stumulus check help? I don’t think so.  Where did that money come from? The US is in so much debt from the war. 

So I guess the things we can do is remember most importantly not to panic and learn to save money and drive less.  Make sure our money is secure and learn to deal with having less.


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