Vamps in Italy

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The Volturi

Is it me or does every Vampire novel place the Vampire stronghold in Italy? Its so common I’m starting to think its something the authors think is a necessarily spice to the Vampire essence. Its only neat once to read that the vamps were behind the Renaissance or that their base is in Italy.

We’ve got

  • The Volturi in Twilight
  • The high council in A House of Night
  • The past in Blue Bloods

Although Anne Rice has vamps from Italy, it isn’t the only old world country of importance unlike the other novels. And besides she wrote her novels well before the other ones so in my opinion even if Italy was the only old world country of importance in her novels it would be fine. Now I could complain about the amount of awesome vamps in New Orleans considering Tru Blood’s there too, but what would be the point of that? And from what I’ve seen of New Orleans, if vampires were in the US that’s exactly where they would be with all the swamps and old magic.

And as you can see I read far too many vampire books…So what do you think about vampires in Italy? Or New Orleans for that matter?

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I finished reading Marked, the first book in A House of Night series written by PC Cast and her daughter Kristin today.   I liked the book, it was interesting.  I was kind of afraid it was going to be a Twilight wannabe book or a book that was allowed to be published because teens are so into vampires these days.  Thankfully it was not, but it was still a teen book about high school although the main character Zoey Redbird gets to go to a high school with the name of vampire finishing school which sounds way more awesome, but is still essentially high school. 

It changed up some of the conceptions about vampires as every vampire story seems to do and had vampires living along side humans with both sides knowing full and well about each other.  Which meant the story takes place in a world similar to this one, including our celebrities, but different enough that the reader knows its not the same reality.

This book is addictive so I plan to read the rest in the series and I hope they are as good as or even better than the first. If you read the book did you like it?


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