Gaga’s silhouetted outfits

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Here are the outfits from the silhoutte drawings.  See if you got them right.




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Crazy Crazy Smiles

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Who’s got the craziest smile? Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or Lindsay?


I love this scene in the paparazzi video.  Lady Gaga looks so scary here, but in a cute way which in a way makes it worse.


Sorry for this little tiny pic of Beyonce, but it was the best I could find (the most relevent not the best of Beyonce).  If you want to see the real smile watch the last few seconds of the video for ring the alarm.

Lindsay may just be cracked out, but sometimes she just looks plain demented.


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Video Killed the Radio Star

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The extent to how true “Video Killed the Radio Star” probably couldn’t be considered in 1979, the year the Buggles produced this song along with the first video shown on mtv. 

Its gotten to the point that the audio has become visual. An artist has to do a video in order to sell their songs.  A song without a video is now like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no bread.  And of course in music videos people are not willing to look at ugly or fat so if the artist’s not hot, especially for women, their going to have a harder time making it which means we’re probably missing out on some good music because the percentage of beautiful people to not so beatiful is small. 

Its also gotten to the point that some songs just don’t sound good until the video is watched.  I didn’t really like Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow until I watched the video.  I’ve liked it a lot since.  Lady Gaga’s paparazzi is the same for a lot of people from what I’ve heard.  Personally I liked the song ok and liked it a lot better after seeing the video.

Robbie Williams new album is Reality killed the video star. Thing is both are on video and both are scripted.  So can reality (shows) kill the video star? Although it does seem that lately more people are getting famous from reality (shows, youtube, etc) than through movies and non reality shows.  I hope reality doesn’t kill the video star cuz reality kind of sucks.

What do you think about video killing the radio star or reality killing the video star?


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Gaga inspiration

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 Who’s the inspiration and who’s the inspired?













Above Marlies Dekkers and below Lady Gaga in Marlies Dekkers.


Lady Gaga zipper eye in spring 2009 and Flair magazine zipper eye June 2009



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15 minutes of fame

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“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”  I don’t know about EVERYONE, but for sure a lot of people.  For sure a lot of people are famous for doing what?  Like Jordan or Katie Price, whatever her name is, the people on The Hills and its various spin offs and other reality shows or the gossip bloggers themselves like Perez Hilton.  Then there are all the one hit wonders, arists who made one good song then poof they’re gone.  There are also people like Susan Boyle and Kelly Clarkson with real talent who become famous through talent shows.

Thing about the internet is it can catapult people to fame, but it can also swallow them whole.  Who is not on the internet today? If you search your own name can’t you find yourself.  You probably have a lot of pics of yourself online too.  I know I do, but how many people know about you? 

Even if you do not gain 15 minutes and only get 15 seconds with all the technology at our desposal we can act like we’ve got fame for as long as we like.  We can be the paparazzi for ourselves and everyone else, film makers, artists, singers, actors, writers, and put it online for everyone to see.

So here’s an attempt at being Warhol.



 Yes that’s me and I look nothing like Marilyn Monroe.  Maybe next time I’ll use actual photographs like Warhol.


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Glamourizing suicide? I don’t think so

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Lady Gaga is now under fire by an anti suicide group for glamourizing suicide in her vma performance of paparazzi.  Unlike in the music video in which Gaga gets a way with murder, she’s the one to die.  Truthfully I thought she was “killed” in this performance and did not “commit suicide” but I could be wrong.

Her response to this was that the paparazzi killed her personal life and this was a representation of that which seems to suggest that Gaga did not see this as suicide.  Before this whole performance she said that the song was inspired by Princess Diana’s death.  I think the song and performance take on different meanings for her, like its evolving into something it wasn’t before, but I do not think that this performance was glamourizing suicide.  It was more that the paparazzi and I guess everyone  else glamourize death.

I find the performance shocking, insane, and intriguing. I admit I’ve watched it more than a few times.   What do you think about Lady Gaga’s performance? 


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Crazy VMAs

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I think that this was officially the craziest VMA show ever.  I never remember it being exciting at all.  Usually they hype it up and everyone gets let down.  Let when they were saying Britney Spears was making a comeback, but it was still too early for her.  I was glad when she did make a comeback though.

This year had the MJ tribute which was supposed to be the highlight of the show but I don’t think it was.  It had Madonna’s speech which was good if a bit redundant. MJ was a king and human.  MJ was like her except without a childhood and didn’t get the chance to made mistakes.  And she did not look like herself for some reason.  I almost didn’t recognize her.  I had to do a double take on Madonna whose image is known the world over.  The music and dancing was good.  I was kind of mad Janet only stayed out for a part of scream but she was good.  I wished everyone had gotten up and done thriller, but that’s just a dream.

And then there was the whole Kanye thing.  Kanye drinking on the red carpet and passing the booze around.  And then taking the mic from Taylor Swift.  I saw him on Jay Leno the other night and I seriously think the man’s got a problem and its not just his ego or inability to keep his opinions to himself.  He needs some help.

Kanye was not the only one to jump on stage uninvited.  Lil’ Mama did too.  Remember seeing her with Jay Z and Alicia Keys?  Not supposed to be there and she seriously pissed off Jay Z.

Pink’s performance was awesome.  I couldn’t believe those acrobatics.  And was she really singing? How the heck.

And Lady Gaga’s so Crazy! I love it.  She went on a date with Kermit the frog (although not too long ago she was wearing a jacket that looked like dead Kermits).  Her outfits were kind of scary too. I was like Beyonce get out of there now. But that could just be that I think masquerade masks are scary and Lady gaga was looking like the Phantom of the Opera behind her.  Her Paparazzi performance was terrifying.  It was like watching a 50s B horror movie with her dying at the end. Although it did look like Carrie too.  Do you think she over did it with the blood at the end and hanging by her arm?  Then there was her red lace outfit which I thought was because she had “died.”  I thought she looked like a dead red queen or king (I was thinking king when I first saw it for some reason) walking around. Her acceptance speech was funny.  She actually handed back the moon man to take off the head veil. And Perez looked like a rooster when he jumped up congratulating her.  Then there was what looked like bird nest outfit with the collar and leash.  And then there are rumours that Lady Gaga wanted to have lions at the VMAs.  Lions? Someone would have been eaten.  That would not have worked well.

Then there was Beyonce, the wonderful Beyonce.  I was so glad that as the winner of best video she gave Taylor the time to give her speech.

And there were more wonderful performers Muse and Green Day. 

What do you think about this year’s VMAs? I think everyone was trying to out do everyone else.  At least that made it really interesting.


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S-S-Stuttering in Songs

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Stuttering is a problem that many people deal with, yet its something that shows up again and again in popular songs.  What is it about stuttering that makes it useful for songs and that people seem to like it?  Is it the repetition of a sound in a certain way?

Here’s a list of a few.  If you have more please comment. 

Lady Gaga Paparazzi  poker face  eh eh nothing else I can say 

Rihanna Umbrella

Jeremiah  Birthday Sex

And of course there’s Scatman by Scatman John who says in the song that

(Scatting by Scatman John)

Everybody stuttersone way or the other
So check out my message to you.
As a matter of fact don’t let nothin’ hold you back.
If the Scatman can do it so can you.

Everybody’s sayin’ that the Scatman stutters
But doesn’t ever stutter when he sings.
But what you don’t know I’m gonna tell you right now
That the stutter and the scat is the same thing.
Yo I’m the Scatman.


In 1965 the BBC refused to play The Who’s “My Generation”, saying they did not want to offend people who stuttered. When the song became a huge hit, the broadcaster relented and added it to their play list.

Seems that people like stuttering in songs, but not in speech.  What do you think about this?


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Lady Gaga’s newest music video Paparazzi was released!  I think its both awesome and scary.  It reminded me of what BBC said of her in the review of The Fame.   They said with songs as cold as Love Game, Lady Gaga was number one on their list of artists capable of murder.  Although the Minnie Mouse outfit and sunglasses were awesome, she has one of the most evil smiles I’ve seen.  In part because of the lipstick.  The vid is framed as a old style Hollywood movie.  There are a lot of awesome costumes and costume changes with some shocking moments so prepare yourself and enjoy Paparazzi.  And of course the teacup makes an appearance.

One thing I learned from this video is not to accept drinks from Lady Gaga.  What do you think about the music video?


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No you girls

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When I watched the video for Franz Ferdinand’s No you girls, which was featured in an Ipod commercial, I couldn’t help thinking that all the girls were wearing something that Lady Gaga would wear.  I mean they’re wearing no pants and fancy hats.  Also, their carrying video cameras is like the time she took pictures of the paparazzi coming out of a club.

I love Franz Ferdinand.  They do the weird but artsy thing well like in their other video, Do you want to, and their music is good.


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