Women of Rock

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I just read an article about Heart in Rolling Stone (from Sept this year not from that old one where the pics from) that saddens me, but at the same time showed me how Heart is even more awesome than I thought. After their hits Barracuda, Crazy on You, and Magic Man in the late 70s someone had to come up and get them to do power ballads, that granted are REALLY awesome, but if that wasn’t what they wanted to do they shouldn’t have have been moved into that direction.  I knew that shiz was going down when Heart came out in the late 70s, but come on. Still today? Last post I said Gretchen Wilson plans to be the first female to release a Southern Rock Album and had to create her own record label to do it.

Women can rock it out. They gave Joan Jett shiz for playing the guitar.  Something about it being just for men. Puh, and I heard they convinced Lady Gaga to do pop instead of rock, telling her it was too hard for a female to break into rock. Although the Gaga concert I went to was rock.  I don’t think they can keep that away from her.  She’s gonna do what she wants now. (And rock may not actually be selling as much anyways.)

And it’s only “ok” when for a female to do rock if she’s vocals. Gwen Stefani- No Doubt, Haley Williams- Paramore, Shirley Manson- Garbage and for something a little more obscure check out Lacuna Coil. If you want to rock I say do it. Now I’ve gotta practice more on my guitar.


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Trapped in a Box

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I’m having trouble deciding on a REAL career path because everyone always wants to put you in a box.  It doesn’t really matter if you fit there or not, but it allows them to better understand you and I suppose it is easier just to go into a box that’s already there instead of making your own. I’m not even sure I want a box at all.  Once you create a box you create limitations.  Although it does help to be categorized, but people will try to do that for you so I guess I don’t have to worry about that.

I could go to grad school for advertising/marketing in

Art Direction which is for people who like design, photography, fonts, basically think visually

Communications strategy which is for the people who ask why…and why not, insights for blue prints, eager to solve business problems, look for new ways to interact with people, are a culture junkie

So if I do communications strategy will I get the chance to do art? Or would I be too insanely busy? Which would in turn drive me insane.

And then if I go back for art I’m far behind the other applications in the fine arts department or to be an art director actually.  I have very little experience with a mac and that seems to be a pre req for all the concentrations.  Wtf is up with that.  Supposedly “all creative people use a mac” so I must not be “creative.”

And if I want to be a creative director some day it looks like being an art director or copywriter is the way to go.  Or being Lady Gaga. Sarah Jessica Parker, or Lindsay Lohan.  Celebs seem to be snatching up the office of creative director left and right.

Then I have the problem that I want to start a business, draw comics, paint, and I want to make money.  Which track will get me money and allow me to do what I really want to do?  Not to mention the price of grad school is outrageous.  Who can afford that even with loans? I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it.

There’s a No Doubt song Trapped in a Box that describes this problem pefectly.


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The better, more popular cover

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Usually covers are not better than or become more popular than the original but sometimes they are. (Mostly they are worse like movie remakes).  Especially with the songs that you don’t realize are covers. 

Some of these songs have A LOT of covers, but I only put the original and most popular cover.

Tainted Love  Soft Cell cover Gloria Jones  original  Ever wonder why the song sounds like 60s?

Hazy Shade of Winter   Bangles   cover          Simon and Garfunkel  original

Self Control  Laura Branigan  cover   Raf  original

It’s my Life   No Doubt  cover  Talk Talk  original

MacArthur Park   Donna Summer cover  Richard Harris original

Which of these do you like better the original or the cover?  Did you know about the original before?  Know anymore better/more popular covers? I would like to know more.


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