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Lady Gaga’s newest music video Paparazzi was released!  I think its both awesome and scary.  It reminded me of what BBC said of her in the review of The Fame.   They said with songs as cold as Love Game, Lady Gaga was number one on their list of artists capable of murder.  Although the Minnie Mouse outfit and sunglasses were awesome, she has one of the most evil smiles I’ve seen.  In part because of the lipstick.  The vid is framed as a old style Hollywood movie.  There are a lot of awesome costumes and costume changes with some shocking moments so prepare yourself and enjoy Paparazzi.  And of course the teacup makes an appearance.

One thing I learned from this video is not to accept drinks from Lady Gaga.  What do you think about the music video?


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Flashback Connection: Hung up

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Madonna sampled Abba’s song Gimme Gimme Gimme (A man after midnight) in Hung Up.  She used a lot of disco influences in the song and video.  Madonna said she had watched Saturday Night Fever over 20 times in order to perfect a wini roll (At least I think she said wini roll).  I think that’s a bit much.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I plan to,  so I’m not going to question her state of mind.  Although this is Madonna so her state of mind is…always some where else.  She’s supposed to come out with another album soon.  I’m looking forward to whatever she’s coming out with.  Hope it’s good. Wonder what influences she’ll use this time. 


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Witch Hunter Robin Takes a Bow

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I’ve noticed that a lot of people wonder what Robin from Witch Hunter Robin is doing with the TV in the series opening.  I kind of wondered myself, but I guess she’s reminicing  just like Madonna in the music video Take a Bow, and trying to touch someone who’s not there.  There’s always a hint of something else when it comes to Madonna.  But they both see that man that they like (at least implied in the video/anime). Looks kind of similar doesn’t it?


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No you girls

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When I watched the video for Franz Ferdinand’s No you girls, which was featured in an Ipod commercial, I couldn’t help thinking that all the girls were wearing something that Lady Gaga would wear.  I mean they’re wearing no pants and fancy hats.  Also, their carrying video cameras is like the time she took pictures of the paparazzi coming out of a club.

I love Franz Ferdinand.  They do the weird but artsy thing well like in their other video, Do you want to, and their music is good.


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The Fear took out Daniel

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 Natasha Khan and Lilly Allen share a few similarities. They kind of look alike mostly due to bangs and they’re both from the UK.  Their music is a lot different though.  Because Lilly has a small singing range she has to come up with really witty lyrics and go music to boot.  Natasha is not so range limited and her music is totally different. 

One other thing they seem to share is a similarity between the music videos.  It almost seems like The Fear bombed out the set for Daniel.  It’s like the creepy brightly colored balloon people from The Fear had their balloons popped and were painted black.  The teddyhanging  from Lilly’s trailer in the beginning was forgotten about .  All the items that had been consumed had been burned.  Maybe from all that color that was shot out all over the place.

Do you find the videos similar too?


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Eminem how much TV do you watch?

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Eminem’s got a new song out, We made you, and a video too.  It’s one of his songs that are hilarious because he’s making fun of everyone, but the quality of the song itself isn’t that good. Remember that one making fun of Michael Jackson not too long ago?  It’s the video that makes this song worth talking about.  There are parodies of  the Sarah Palin rap on Saturday Night Live (There’s a polar bear and an eskimo) and the Nailin’ Palin porn at the same time as he’s making fun of rock stars (he’s got a bret michaels look going on half the time).

And of course these aren’t nearly half of the parodies that he manages to squeeze in a song that isn’t but a few minutes in length. There’s Star Trek, Britney Spears, Lindsay and Sam. If its talked about often, he makes fun of it which makes me wonder what does he do with his time. Look at TMZ? Entertainment TV? Granted I know about this stuff too…, but it tends to leave my mind after a while.

So what do you think about this song and video?


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Barbies hmm…

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The Katy Perry’s Ur so Gay music vid uses barbies.  I wondered why until the end of the vid.   Besides the barbie scenes Katy Perry is playing her guitar in an extremely colorful background in which the clouds have smiley faces that frown toward the end. 

A lot of people say this song is homophobic, but I don’t think it warrants such a strong word.  Granted the use of gay as an insult is not good, but the song goes along the lines of this guy is a pretty boy and puts on things like eyeliner. 

She could have used a better phrase (which would have made it a different song), but then again music has to be controversal to get publicity. So what do you think about this song and music video? And the use of barbies?


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