Is it truly 1984?

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In 1984, Apple had a commercial played at the Super bowl that made commercial history.

Years later, at the Super bowl, this Motorola Xoom commercial makes obvious reference to the 1984 commercial.  While its awesome I can’t say I’m going to go out and get a Xoom.  I kinda still want an ipad, even if that will leave me in the sea of sameness that is 1984. And too bad Motorola isn’t the only company making digs at Apple commercials right now. Tmobile got there first with the I’m a mac and pc campaign they’ve been on.

How do you like this Motorola commercial? Thing Apple turned into the bad guys from 1984 with its dominance over the mp3 and tablet markets? In 1984 Apple was the challenger that brought change to the market. Today who doesn’t refer to an mp3 as an ipod?  Or refers to a tablet as an ipad? Is it truly 1984 and can Motorola do what Apple did in 1984?


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The Ipod / mp3 format is taking over commercials and music videos with the appearance of touch screens.  The Black Eyed Pea’s futuristic vido for Boom Boom Pow has it.  So does this Zune commercial with Common which is music downloading site.  Problem with most of the commercials with this format is the lack of a face for the person talking.  Like how about this Hp commercial with Fergie or this one with Pharrell. There are also the Ipod touch commercials.  No faces.  😦

 Like seriously.  Where is Serena’s face?

What do you think about these commercials?


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