The Flagbearer

November 14, 2010 at 2:02 pm (art) (, , , , , )

Yes those little men are zombies. No, you can’t really tell.


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The Food of the gods

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You Could Be Eating This 'Frankenfish' in 18 Months

Genetically modifed salmon might hit the market soon.  It reminds me of the movie Food of the gods.  The animals that ate it grew huge and became agressive.  At the end of the movie it ends up in the human food supply. I guess we’ll see what happens after that when these salmon hit the market.

Would you eat genetically modified food?



PS. That big fish looks really bloated.  I wouldn’t want to eat it anyways.  And usually the small ones have more flavor. Like its always the small grapes that taste the best. Why do we always want to super size everything? Its only going to screw up our sense of taste even more than it already is.  Salt is not the only flavor and size isn’t the only thing that matters even though fast food would have us think otherwise.

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This is Sparta Take Over

January 14, 2010 at 12:18 pm (comics, movies, music) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Seems like too many artists have been listening the This is Sparta remix and others like it.  There’s a lot of those like the Christian Bale rant remix and all your base are belong to us remix.  Although those are parodies these are real songs that people really enjoy listening to that use the same principle, but they aren’t supposed to be funny or are they?  I really can’t tell.  Listen to the Black Eyed Peas Imma Be and 50 cents’ baby by me  and Jay Z’s On to the next one.  Tell me if they aren’t just a little funny to you and if they don’t all sound kind of alike.

 It’s all about simple repetition.  I guess the songs that use stuttering would fall under this category too.  Umbrella……eh, p…p..p…poker face. What do you think about all this repetition? 


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Julie & Julia

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I saw the movie Julie and Julia a few days ago.  I thought it was good, but it seemed kind of long, and it made me really hungry.  The food looked and sounded really good.   I really want some of Julia Child’s beef stew.  So I got the cookbook from the library and then realized beef’s expensive and so are a lot of those recipes.  Not to mention how long the cookbook is. Julie really was determined to go through it and blog about it.  Consistent blogging is tough.  I would know, considering how often I take breaks.  I just got off one.  And coming back is always hard.  

Julie’s blog was all about how she got through Julia Child’s cookbook.  It was actually more of a year long project which attracted a lot of attention.  You can check it out here from the beginning if you’re interested. There’s a book too.  Seems interesting to me.  Now if only I can think of something that interesting. 

I don’t know if I’ll make the beef stew.    Although beef is cheaper now because of the economy.  Fancy restaurants aren’t buying up the good cuts, so I guess now would be a good time to have beef stew.  But cheaper is not cheap.  Istill have to check about the price, but it looked good in the movie and I like trying new things.  It might be worth spending a few extra bucks for.


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Rihanna and the World of Tomorrow

October 21, 2009 at 10:09 pm (movies, music) (, , , , , , , , , )

For some reason for her next single Russian Roulette, Rihanna wants to look like Angelina Jolie’s character from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.


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Lady Gaga’s newest music video Paparazzi was released!  I think its both awesome and scary.  It reminded me of what BBC said of her in the review of The Fame.   They said with songs as cold as Love Game, Lady Gaga was number one on their list of artists capable of murder.  Although the Minnie Mouse outfit and sunglasses were awesome, she has one of the most evil smiles I’ve seen.  In part because of the lipstick.  The vid is framed as a old style Hollywood movie.  There are a lot of awesome costumes and costume changes with some shocking moments so prepare yourself and enjoy Paparazzi.  And of course the teacup makes an appearance.

One thing I learned from this video is not to accept drinks from Lady Gaga.  What do you think about the music video?


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The Devil Wears Prada

April 5, 2009 at 5:48 am (books, fashion, movies) (, , , , , , , , )

So I finally read the book “The Devil Wears Prada.”  It was funny how I ended up with the book and I’m thankful I never had a boss like that.. Phew. Well there are books in the library that are free for anyone to take as long as they have another one to switch it out with, but I’ve never heard of most of the ones out in the open area.  The good books, or at least the known titles and authors, are in an office where most people are not allowed to go.  But since I work at the library, I’m allowed back there.  Anyways, the woman I used to work for had come in for a few so I came to visit her and she was back there.  I had to wait a few minutes in order to talk to her, because she had some business to take care of, so I scanned to titles and picked out “The Devil Wears Prada” and started looking through it.  My former boss then asked if I would like to read the book then told me I could keep it if I wanted to so I took it home and read it. 

So back to the book.  I absolutely liked it. The thing the movie had over the book was the abilty to actually see the clothing (and I liked the music too). The movie also managed to humanize the boss much more than the book.  Since the book was based on the authors real experience in the fashion industry as an assistant I wondered how much was based on fact and how much was fiction.  For one, the main character, Andrea, is described as 5’10 and weighing 115 throughout most of the novel, but says the employees at the magazine made her feel short, fat, and ugly.  This makes it seems like models are working there.  Why else the height and so little weight?  So do people working for fashion magazines really look like this?


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Family Game

October 10, 2008 at 4:44 am (movies) (, , , , , , , )


Family Game or 家族ゲーム(kazoku geemu)  is a movie directed by Yoshimitsu Morita in 1983. Its a parody of the Japanese family life in the 80s and the emphasis of school.  It was a really strange movie, but it was hilarious.  Nobody was truly functional.  It was like they were a family that knew about family roles but really didn’t know how to fulfill them. 

The father was gone all the time working and when he was home he’s still not truly part of the family.  He holds all his important conversations out in the car (which is definitely out of the home).  He wants his sons to get an education so they can do well later in life (presumably better than him) but he doesn’t seem to care about anything else in association with them.  It gets to the point where the eldest son is alone and the tutor he hires for his younger son is almost seen as a father to him, because he is so much closer to him. I say almost like a father because the tutor is a very questionable character considering how close he gets to each of the family members physically.The mother cares only for her sons’ well being and her husband’s although she upset him once by not realizing something about him.

There are a lot of scenes in the movie that make it seem theatrical and on a stage.  The scenery is really industrial and the people are distant. And the last scene is grand.  If for no other reason to watch this movie you should see it for that scene.  I don’t think anyone who sees it truly understands it, I surely didn’t.  I just felt that it had to be powerful and symbolic of mess the whole family was in.  It’s difficult to place a game if you know what the rules say, but don’t understand them isn’t it? That’s rather how the movie played out. 


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Ju Dou

September 16, 2008 at 3:33 am (movies) (, , , , , , )

Well I watched the first of eleven movies in my Asian film class.  It was directed by Zhang Yimou in 1990.  It takes place in 1920s China.  The owner of a dye shop buys a wife who he beats and tries to beget an heir with.  He has taken in a “nephew” who he adopts.  This nephew falls in love with the wife, Ju Dou, same as the name of the film.  She also falls in love with him.  They eventually have a child together.  The uncle is infertile so of course it’s not his.  Eventually, the uncle becomes paralyzed and they keep him around to torture him.  This and thier son is their downfall.  The boy is one of the creepiest kids in film I’ve seen.  He would suddenly just be standing their watching his parents together.  Not to mention that he killed two people in the movie, but you’ll have to watch to see who.

There is a lot of symbolism in the film and allusions.  It was as much a work of art as a show.  The setting fit pefectly with the actions of the characters and vice versa.  This film was said to be banned in China for its sensual nature. It could also be utter disrepect for authority which is supposed to take presidence over one’s desires which was definitely not the case in this movie. 

I liked the movie.  I kind of wished I knew Chinese sometimes because the translations made me wonder if that’s what they were really saying.  Sometimes things came across as funny in English like the use of the phrase “it’s a fat boy” instead of just “it’s a boy.” And what’s the significance of “fat boy”? Also the child’s outfit in which he could not move and the mother’s words “why won’t he laugh yet?”.  Was the outfit supposed to be funny or did I just perceive it that way because I don’t know about Chinese baby clothing in the ’20s.  There’s a lot to dwell on in this movie like the treatment of women, tradition, and Chinese society.


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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

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Awesome, awesome movie and an awesome experience to go along with it.  It was like the most awesome chic flick I’ve ever seen.  It was even better than the first.  The girls are a little older and their problems are threatening their friendship and love is a harsh teacher.

I saw the movie in Texas with two of my cousins and a friend of theirs.  One of my cousins told my uncle we were going and he thought she said that we were going to the traveling pants show like the pants were going to move by themselves.  At the theater the guy selling tickets accidently tried charging 49.99 for four or five tickets to the girls (going to see Traveling Pants of course) instead of 29.99.  I was like woo that’s way too much.  If he hadn’t got corrected I was about to turn around.  Those would have been some expensive tickets.

Inside the ticket collecter said that he heard that the pants could move around and shoot lasers. I told him yes.  He wasn’t the only male who wanted to know why girls wanted to see the movie and the only answer I can give to that is that we’re girls.

Then preview time.  They all targeted girls and women with previews for Twilight and The women. There was also a preview for a really cute mouse movie.  And I heard clapping for the Twilight preview. So excited.  I’m worried the movies going to be messed up.   Not all good books are turned into good books (Eragon).  That was a messed up movie.  It was hillarious and it wasn’t supposed to be.  If they do that to Twilight….Well I hope they don’t, but I’m not happy with their choice for Edward.  He looks really strange. At least Jacob looks good, but I had imagined someone better for Edward…oh well. So what do you think about the choices?



During the movie, the audience which filled the theater, were all female except for two or three guys.  Hearing everyone aww and yell in sync was awesome.  So girls go see this movie.  It’s really good and try not to cry, because you just might tear up without meaning to.


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