Christmas too early for ya?

November 20, 2010 at 10:59 pm (commercial, Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , , )

As soon as Halloween was over it was like screw Thanksgiving, lets do Christmas. Usually its after Thanksgiving they worry about Christmas, but Christmas is the big money maker. I guess our economy’s not doing great and they say the recession’s over…

I don’t know why the atheists are against Christmas still, because honestly its all about consumerism now. Maybe they had one too many Christmas cards with the Nativity scene or God blessing  them.

The earlier I hear about Christmas, the more watered down the season feels for me.  Especially if I’m hearing about it in ads. I don’t mind talking about Christmas in fact I like to and I’m eager to celebrate the holiday, but not because I want stuff and that’s all the commercials focus on.  And I like Thanksgiving so lets not skip it for the eagerness of money and gifts that Christmas is going to bring.

What do you think? Fine with Christmas season starting right after Halloween? Or want it after Thanksgiving?


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Somebody’s watching me

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Ever felt like somebody’s watching you? Right now I feel like Westboro Baptist is watching me. September 26 they’ll be tailing me which really sux. I just thought they were going to be a far away annoyance, but no. Now they’ll be protesting at my church- WEAG (cool name huh?) then they’ll be going down to VCU, which considering I go there now I might find them there at the same time.

I wish I could tell them stuff like “God loves you even if you hate.” Seriously, always telling people God hates them.  I think hate is really the only evil there is. And the poor kids Westboro’s got hating people. Hate makes a person sick. 

Is it wrong to want to get a picture of them? And does anyone know where they get their money from? Because all that traveling they do costs money. And someone in that groups got to be really smart.  Look at all that publicity their getting too. Granted the media eats that stuff up. If only the media actually liked good things people wouldn’t go around doing stuff like that, because no one would know about it.

Those people need some love. But how do you give to someone who hates so strongly?


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Abba The Music

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I worked the Abba The Music concert the other day.  And the heat was horrific. It reached 104 with a 111 heat index.  It was bad stepping out for just 10 to 15 min. let alone having to work all day in the heat or cook…I can’t even think about that.  The crew had to set up the stage in that heat. I don’t think I could have taken that kind of heat.  Even with the air it was hot inside the trailers.

The group Abba the Music was awesome.  They were all from Sweden like the original Abba and had two members who played with the original Abba.  I thought that was neat. Seeing them on stage was like a blast from the past with their 7os outfits and sound.  And just like the 70s the girls were there to sing and dance and not play instruments.  The guys played the instruments. One girl played a tambourine.

Abba’s  music really has influenced a lot today. Madonna used a little of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme in Hung up and I hadn’t realized they did a song called Fernando, which is a name mentioned in Lady Gaga Alejandro.

All in all I enjoyed the concert and was glad I could see it, even in the sweltering heat, unlike that Earth, Wind, and Fire that I missed.  And I think everyone’s favorite song of the night was Money, Money, Money, because everyone had that stuck in their head and were singing it.  Me included. Sunday’s the Counting Crows.  I’m looking forward to it. Maybe it’ll have cooled off by then.


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New Year’s Resolutions

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I never really made a resolutions before for New Years, but I guess 2010 is as good a year as any to make some.  It’s not exactly 2012 if you get my drift.  The economy may be bad but its getting better.  Do these resolutions ever work? I know they’re not supposed to be vague, should be small and not seem impossible.  Guess I’ll find out throughout the year if they work.

Play my Guitar more  I haven’t played at all lately 😦 Thing is I have to keep my fingernails cut and I like them long and even when I do cut them I still have to find time to play. 

Exercise more Isn’t this on everyone’s resolution?

Blog more I took a long break and now I’m back and I plan to stay back. I also want to make my blog better and more interesting so people’ll read it. 

Figure out Twitter.  I’m there but to tell you the truth I don’t know how to do much on it.  Like how do trending topics happen? And how do you use them to your advantage?  How about twitpic and gaining followers? I think I have like two and one is like a Donald Trump ad person.

Finish my comic Snow and get it published or at least put it online

Either make it big quick or go back to school and I’m sure you can guess which is more likely to happen.

Get another job as long as its part time it doesn’t really matter what kind.  I just need the moolah.

Meet more people and stay in touch with the ones I do know.  I seem to be doing better at this one already.

Paint and draw more. More art throughout the year.

And lastly and most importantly find the time to do all this. I never feel that I have enough time for everything.  Time seems to slip through my fingers.

I guess I better get to it.

Anyone else made New Year’s resolutions?


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For a mailbox seriously?

September 23, 2009 at 11:24 pm (art, comics) (, , , , , , )


Those blue mailboxes that sit out cost the post offices money, so post offices are taking them down in some places. And as less people send out snail mail the less services can be rendered.  Some people in the town of Otisfield, Maine are even willing to chain themselves to keep these mail boxes, which I find ridiculous, but people do need to send their mail out.  Often the mailboxes are not far away from the post office, but sometimes they are in places that that actually greatly help people such as in Otisfield which doesn’t even have a post office.  I think that mailboxes can be taken down where they’re just in front of a post office, but a town without a post office should have a place to sent their mail.  What do you think?  Do you think this is legitimate or just hilarious?


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April 2, 2009 at 3:39 pm (fashion) (, , , , , , , , , )

Lately I’ve developed something I like to call cheaphobia.  I can’t stand cheap things anymore, but its not like I can afford more expensive things so I thing I’m kinda screwed unless I can make a lot of money somehow.  I always buy cheap, because that’s what I can afford and still have money.  For example I buy $20 shades instead of $100 ones or $20 watches selling for 7.  And cheap watches are never good.  This winter half of the watches were falling apart in the store.  How could they expect people to buy them?  And even so, the watch I ended up with has problems although I can still wear it.  As for cheap sunglasses…well I would like to look at the more expensive ones to compare them.  I’ve never actually looked closely at nice shades, watches, or clothes for that matter.  I hope they are better quality because a lot of stuff in stores now days are crap.  It makes me wonder if it was always like this and I never noticed or that I’ve become picky.

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A rant cuz everyone needs one

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The price of everything is going up and the economy is going into a bad recession.  I’m sure everyone knows this even though economists and everyone else keeps denying this. I’m sure they don’t want people to panic but I think what they’re doing is making things worse.

So what’s going up and why? and who’s doing what about it?

1. Food     Because of gas the cost of trucking food is higher so the truckers need more money to bring the food in.  Also the prices of corn is climbing because of all the flooding in the mid-west. So the price of popcorn is like doubling and everything with corn syrup or corn meal or just corn in general which seems to be most American food is going up.   What are company’s doing to keep prices down? Making the portions smaller and even still the price is going up.  Ice cream is kinda expensive now.

2. Electricity    Dominion Virginia Power is raising electric rates by more than 18 percent this summer because of the soaring prices of coal, gas and oil (I don’t know about other companies or anywhere else all I can do is assume they have to raise prices too). The rates for the company have jumped by nearly 200% apparently so they have to raise rates.  Hopefully it won’t go up 200%, but I think it will eventually, but the company is trying to work with people, but it does have to make a profit.

3. Gas   Well that’s out of control.  It just keeps going up.  It think the national average is over $4 now.

It’s an endless circle back to the availablity and the cost of resources.

So hope you ditched that SUV and started carpooling or using public transportation. And hey maybe you’ll lose weight from eating those smaller portions.

I think hard times are ahead. Food prices all over the world are raising and the stock markets are dropping.  And its getting harder to come across jobs and people are filing bankruptcy more and more often.

Did the stumulus check help? I don’t think so.  Where did that money come from? The US is in so much debt from the war. 

So I guess the things we can do is remember most importantly not to panic and learn to save money and drive less.  Make sure our money is secure and learn to deal with having less.


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