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       I went out and bought a guitar, amp, and a few other things for it the other day.  It cost a small fortune, but I’m happy.  I got a Mexican made Fender Statocaster and its black and white like the one in the photo.  I’m currently learning my chords and notes. Can’t play any worthwhile songs yet but I will someday.

As a child I never liked music class…so this all seems kind of strange to me.  Maybe it was that I never got to play the instrument that called the most to me.  I mean the recorder or one of those band instruments don’t even come close to the type of sound of the guitar. Not to say that orchestras are not assume, because they are.  It’s just that I guess that’s not the type of music I wanted to play (not that I really had an interest in playing music).   I kind of used to wish to get out of those classes as fast as possible. I kind of regret it now, because I have learn all that music stuff now, even though now I enjoy.  So people can and do change.  I’m proof of that.

Well I’m going to be working on 100 top guitar songs, because I wasn’t happy with the Rolling Stone’s list as were a lot of people.  If you have any suggestions please list them. 




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