Tale of Sublime and the fake Lil Wayne

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I admit sometimes I see things that I wouldn’t believe if it didn’t happen to me. Like the other day I saw this dude with an entourage that looked just like Lil Wayne, except lil Wayne’s in jail so of course it couldn’t be him and his entourage looked just like the Black Eyed Peas.  It was like lil Wayne took Will.I.Am’s place and started going with Fergie cuz this look alike was diffently going out with a girl that looked just like Fergie.  And as I passed girls in the mall they all wanted a piece of him. He was wearing the skinniest jeans I’ve ever saw a guy wearing and it was like how’d he get in them. So of course I looked too long in his direction and they thought I like those other girls was looking at him and his possy had to say something to the effect of boasting his ego. Although I kinda wish I had a pic to show how similar he looked. He didn’t have tats though and his dreads weren’t as long.

I worked the Sublime with Rome concert yesterday.  It was fair awesome.  I got to drive members of the Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, and Sublime, and Rome around.  They were all cool guys. I used to think that these music artists are all full of themselves but that’s not the case.  Of course you do have a bunch of those around, but these guys were cool. 

So yesterday I bought out all the Deer Parks at Food Lion which were hidden beneath a mountain of water that I’m so glad someone dug out for me. I took band members to Guitar Center which was cool. While there someone was playing Alicia Keys and other good songs very well. But when band guys look for stuff at a music store they mean busy and it took a while for them to get what they wanted.

Throughout out the concert there were quite a few arrests of drunk/high people.  I even saw cops chase this one guy down.  At the time I was in the van driving for a pick up and Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love was on. That is a really good cop chase song if you ever wanted one.

And we may be seeing Rome on Yo Gabba Gabba soon.  That would be cool.


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Rock N’ Roll

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I think its kind of sad that it took the game guitar hero to make me really love rock. I’ve been moving in that direction over the past few years. I had to discover Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Stevie Nicks after that I started liking classic rock more. Before I would describe me listen to rock as apreciation, now I can’t get enough guitars.  Not to mention that I now know the life stories of everyone from Jim Morrison, Slash, and Axel Rose. The weird thing is its not like I haven’t heard a lot of the songs I really really like now alot but now I love them and before I didn’t.  I would almost describe it as tone deafness or something going away, because now I feel like I can hear more in the music than I had before. 

So now while I draw I can listen to Guns N’ Roses, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Van Halen, etc.  I’ve also noticed that I like what I dubbed “hippie rock” like The Doors, Blue Oyster Cult, and Jefferson Airplane. The 60s and 70s have the most awesome music ever.  What makes me somewhat sad is why didn’t I know about these groups so much earlier

Now your probably wondering what I used to listen to. Well that would be 80s, 90s, and music made now.  There is a movement now (which I like) for music that sounds like 60s.  I guess I’ll be talking more about this later so I’ll stop rambling.


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