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I still think I’m in Take him to the Greek.  I saw a Russell Brand look alike who was definitely in a band. I meant to see what instrument he played but whatevers. I also saw a Kid Cudi look-alike.  He was just too tall to be Kid Cudi.

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart.

Thats it for the look alikes.  I saw Heart live. 🙂 It was almost as exciting as seeing Lady Gaga live for me.  And what annoyed me to no end were the people who assumed I couldn’t know Heart. The people who were telling me who they were although I’m quite sure I know way more about them than they do.   Or the people who were like I’m too young to appreciate them. And yeah it was surprising to people that I’m a huge fan or that they discovered I like Pink Floyd…I know that music came out before I was born. I’m well aware, but its good. 

Heart is a real rock band.  I don’t see too many of those today. And for all the people my age who keep asking what songs Heart does which would explain why people assume I wouldn’t know- they do Barracuda which is on guitar hero and a version sang by Fergie is on Shrek 3.  They’re most awesome song live is Magic Man in my opinion.  That’s probably my fav Heart song in the first place.  What was extremely awesome too was their Reign O’er me cover

I also saw a guy I really wanted to take a picture of but since I was driving a huge van I couldn’t stop and take a pic.  He had an afro, had a vintage Heart tee on, and carried a record and sharpie hoping for a signiture.  He waited for hours after the show but unfortunately I don’t believe Heart even saw him. It would be kind of difficult especially considering how dark it was.  Poor guy.  But I did get a pic of the prints Heart’s dog lift on a couch.  I wish I got a pic of the dog.  I think he was a terrier and he was so cute and wore a WTF shirt.

I wish I got a Heart Tee, but since I got so many free Tees from previous bands I didn’t want to buy one…oh well I guess I can still buy one online.


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Trying to beat the system

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I seriously don’t know what to do to advertise anymore except to go all out freaking crazy, because everything always turns out to be a popularity contest or a “who’s crazier” type of thing. Popularity online is basically whose got the most connections, but it could also be that someone knows how to beat the system, because they know the system.  Unfortunately I’m like the jester who decided to take on a real job.  I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m just juggling different things different ways until I find what works.  Therefore I’m struggling like a fool on a fool’s errand in the pursuit of happiness.

I entered a commercial contest for q94 and I’m struggling to figure it all out.   Please vote at http://www.q94radio.com/pages/commercialvoting.html

See the Pursuit of happiness in a commercial. It might be sad that life’s come to that, but its best not to cry over spilled milk.


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Monster Ball Tour

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Lady Gaga Announces 'The Monster Ball'

I’ve been talking about Lady Gaga a lot recently, but hey she’s about to release the Fame Monster (sounds kind of scary huh?) and doing awesome things like starting the “first ever pop-electro opera,”  the Monster Ball.  She’s recently released the poster for her tour (without Kanye West).  She announce that her opening is  to be none other than Kid Cudi.  I guess she wanted a quirky rapper to go on tour with her or one of the rappers from the I make her say”I poke her face” song which also included Kanye and Common.  I do like Kid Cudi although I’m not a fan of this song.  I just think its stupid.  I like his song Day N Nite and how the vid includes The Wizard of Oz and Prince references and how half of the vid is a cartoon. What do you think of Kid Cudi going on  tour with Lady Gaga?

Do you like the Monster Ball poster?  I love it.   It looks really modelly (that’s not a word). She’s wearing the awesomeness she premiered on SNL. 

Make sure you don’t confuse the name of the tour with the movie Monster’s Ball starring Halle Berry.  They have nothing in common except the name, as far as I know. 

The tour sounds exciting.  I want to go.  What about you?


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Spin that record DJ Hero

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DJ Hero looks interesting, not as good as Guitar Hero but interesting.   Game play looks similar to guitar hero. Hit the right notes on time.  Thing is you’re mixing songs in this game.  The songs look good, but the mixes are going to carry the game.  If they aren’t good then the game won’t be either.  I’m hooked on the Guitar Hero franchise I  may get this when its used and cheap, but right know I’m not planning on it.  I’m still thinking about getting Guitar Hero 5, because I haven’t bought it yet.

If you played it what do you think?


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