Singin’ in front of the Class

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Many people have a fear of speaking in front of a crowd. It completely understandable. I’ve gotten more used to it thanks to having to speak in front of people often, but I’m still not completely comfortable.  How many people are?

So I had to sing in front of class today.  I’m a terrible singer.  I’ve known this since I was 7. I was sure I was not good at anything musical. It just wasn’t my talent. I’ve gotten better now.  I can somewhat play the guitar and I can hear what makes a song good, but sadly my singing hasn’t really improved. Beyonce’s voice won’t be coming out of me anytime soon. So of course I was horrified with even the idea of singing in front of others. But I got through it. Maybe it’ll help me be more comfortable in front of others. I don’t know, but there’s not much worse I could do in front of a large group than sing when you can’t sing.

For class, we had to write a song with our own melody about something we love.  Knowing I can’t sing I wanted it to be funny so I sang about Sesame Street. I even got to mention Katy Perry in a line of the song. Sadly most people in my class didn’t know about Katy Perry singing hot and cold while chasing Elmo or that this video was banned from the show, but not from You Tube. People complained that she had shown too much cleavage for a children’s show.

What do you think about Katy Perry’s attempt to be on Sesame Street?

I wonder what Elmo would think of this shirt….think she’ll ever be back on the show?


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Kanye’s Incident

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I don’t think Kanye West would have jumped up on the stage if anyone else had won, except maybe Kelly Clarkson.  I mean obviously if Beyonce won best female video he wouldn’t have had anything to say (at that time).  I’m sure he would have jumped up some other time seeing that he was not there to see himself lose in the categories that he had been nominated for.  And if Pink won, well she was she had a brass knuckle purse or something and she has an aura of toughness so he would have had to think twice about that.  As for Lady Gaga, she’s going on tour with him soon.  That would have been really awkward.  Not to mention she did look like the phantom of the opera at the time. 

As Katy Perry said on her twitter Kanye stepped on a kitten.  Taylor so cute and innocent.  She didn’t know what to think when he had jumped on stage.  It was her first vma and he chose to jump up and say that during her time.  I wonder if he would have bothered Katy though and what would have happened if he had.


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Barbies hmm…

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The Katy Perry’s Ur so Gay music vid uses barbies.  I wondered why until the end of the vid.   Besides the barbie scenes Katy Perry is playing her guitar in an extremely colorful background in which the clouds have smiley faces that frown toward the end. 

A lot of people say this song is homophobic, but I don’t think it warrants such a strong word.  Granted the use of gay as an insult is not good, but the song goes along the lines of this guy is a pretty boy and puts on things like eyeliner. 

She could have used a better phrase (which would have made it a different song), but then again music has to be controversal to get publicity. So what do you think about this song and music video? And the use of barbies?


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80s Flashback

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The 80s really seem to be back and not just in fashion, but musically and mentally as well.  I’ll talk about the fashion in another post, but there has been a lot of reworking of 80s songs recently.

Katy Perry did a cover of Outfield’s Your Love, but retitled it Use your Love.  I see this as her showing us some (good) music that she enjoys.  Also I think she wants to show that her guitar is not a prop.  Near the end of Katy’s song you can hear Rob Base and Dj EZ Rock’s It takes two.

Flo rida used Dead or Alive’s You spin me round (like a record) for the song Right Round. You spin me round actually makes for a good rap song.  I was pleasantly surprised, although at first I didn’t like it.  It took me a little while to get used to, because although it obviously used You spin me round its totally different.

What do you think about the sampling, covers, or otherwise use of 80s songs now?  And What’s with using some lyrics for the chorus for the name of the song?


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 I admit I’ve searched way too much about Lady Gaga but there’s a reason and its that I got gagaflutitis or some such ridiculously named disease.  Gaga always talked about she’s going to give everyone the flu.  Apparently I caught it and sometimes its annoying even to me. 

So how did I caught gagaflutitis?

Phase 1  Radio Gaga

Once I was listening to the radio.  I’m in college so I usually just use my computer, but I was home for a short break  around december so I was listening to the radio.  I like dance music so I was happy that I lot of dancy songs were on the radio like Katy Perry Hot N’ Cold, Rihanna Disturbia, etc.  Then I heard just dance, didn’t know who it was by yet, but I was like yes dance music’s back.  Naturally I looked up just dance on my computer and found out it was by lady gaga and I was like “what kinda of name is that?” Then I watched the music video and I was like hmm different, but cool.  Then I  saw poker face and was like wow! I loved the song and the beginning of the vid with the great danes.  Then I went through all the songs that were available on youtube at the time and realized they were all good.  But then my computer messed up.  It would only play the beginning of music videos so I ended up watching the beginning of poker face and disturbia too dozens of times.  And actually my computer let me play love game completely for some reason.

Next thing I knew my computer crashed completely and I was left depending on the computer lab for computer use and tv (which I rarely just watch tv usually it has to be a show that I like).  So I was watching tons of mtv u and stuff.  The funny thing is I think it was the crazy beat in love game that kept me hooked, because I couldn’t get enough bass after hearing that.  And of course I found out how dirty the lyrics were early on.  And I had made the mistake of watching The Fame part 1 in a computer lab if you know what happens in that.  

Phase 2  Exams

Every exam period I usually watch tons of anime, but since throughout the year I started liking anime less and less I needed something to fill that void.  And so I listened to tons of Lady Gaga and watched all those fake vids people enjoy putting up.  I also starting looking up stuff about her like her age and where she was from and what’s her real name, etc. So then I decided that I was diffently getting the album The Fame during the Christmas break.  Usually I only like a few songs or so on an album but I liked all of Gaga’s so I had to buy it.  I also wanted to buy the Twilight album, because I had seen the movie and hey Muse is awesome.

Phase 3 The Fame

I bought The Fame on itunes and listened to it a lot during the break. Mostly uneventful I suppose.  Then I came back to school and was like whatever I’m over it. 

Phase 4 Pop ate my heart

That was not true Heard some more songs online.  And saw the acoustic pokerface version.  Awesome.  So then I wanted tickets to see her show etc.  Still haven’t gone and the shows been postponed here…

So how bad is my gagaflutitis? I talk about her pretty much all day to everyone I know whenever I find out something I think is interesting about her or heard a new song.

Why am I so addicted? For one I always go through a phase of liking some muscian or other, but its never been this bad because the musician is now either dead or old.  They are not in the process of possibly becoming a legend, they already have become one.

Another reason is that her ideas and pictures are very accessible online.  Three I think I just like crazy musicians in general, especially if they’re very good.  And look at her fashion.  I think its crazy cool.  That zipper eye on American Idol? How crazy was that? Another big reason is that I’ve found some awesome music, other than hers.  Like why wasn’t I listening to Queen before? Then I found Roisin Murphy formerly of Moloko, Ladytron who’s supposed to be working with Christina Aguilera, the Gossip, and some others.  Also, she changes enough or puts out new material enough to keep my short attention span occupied.  And quite possibly the biggest reason is that she writes her own lyrics and designs her own clothes.

The funny thing about these phases is that the one I was going through right when I first heard Gaga was David Bowie who is one of her idols. 

So am I obsessesed or going through a phrase? Probably a mixture of both.

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