Modern Flashback

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Nicki Minaj samples Annie Lennox No more I love yous in the the song Your Love and the vid features kunoichi, female ninja, being trained by a samurai.  Another girl falls for the same samurai and then there’s a huge fight. It features plenty of Japanese inspired clothing.  I think the vids really awesome and I like the song.

Neyo’s Beautiful Monster has a really good vid considering the song is only mostly ok.  It has a video gamish beat that’s really catchy but the lyrics and singing kind of throw me off. Well really just the way he says “Beautiful Monster” but I do like the song more or less.  For the Vid Neyo was definitely watching Smooth Criminal  and maybe a little anime since he does energy attacks.

Enrique Iglesias’  song I like it has a little Lionel Richie All Night Long (all night) in it.  And when I hear this song I just want to party and dance.

What do you think about these songs and vids?


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Picasso inspired by Hentai*figures…

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I wasn’t surprised at all when I read here that Picasso was inspired by hentai or Japanese porn.  Knowing about all of his affairs and the way women were portrayed in his art. It doesn’t surprise me at all.  What does surprise me and probably shouldn’t is that he was able to get his hands on this porn.  It wasn’t like he had the internet.


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The Manga Bible

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I just read The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation by Siku and Akin. I liked it.   It doesn’t go into too much depth considering that its the entire bible in one volume that around 200 pages.  But because it doesn’t go into depth the reader is able to see the progression of time and the cyclical nature of how the Jews would believe in One God then be led astray and how they were brought back again.  It also shows the similarity between the types of people chosen by God.  No one was flawless. 

And Jesus is awesome in here (not that he’s not awesome everywhere else), but I think people have a tendency of showing Jesus as kind of soft.  In this book he’s definitely kick ass.  And when he think about it he probably had to be.  He lasted in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, turned down the devil, knocked some sense into the Pharisees, the list goes on.

The manga bible provides a slightly different point of view than what you’re probably used to, but there are many points of view when it comes to understanding the bible.


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Comic prowess

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I figured I better write some about art since my blog is titled “the life of an artist in the making.” I’ve found from drawing comics and writing them that doing both is rather difficult.  Besides the fact that it takes longer doing both, I’ve found that graphic novel artists need to know about fashion, architecture, plants, facial expressions, and just about everything you see.  After all it  is a visual art. On the otherhand a writer of a novel has to have the vocabulary and knowledge in order to describe these things.  At least I think they should. 

Graphic novels, manga and such should be taken seriously at least by the artist/authors, but I have the feeling that a lot of American manga is not taken very seriously.  The most of the stories seem to be comedic in that has gag after gag.  They’re often over photoshopped. Americans still have awesome graphic novels though. Britains got awesome ones too coming from Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. Problem is they don’t seem as popular here as manga.  Compare the graphic novel section to the manga section in a book store. 

Graphic novels are becoming more popular as more movies are being made from them like Corraline and The Watchmen and as people realize graphic novels aren’t just silly none sense as with Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis (also made into a movie) and Art Spiegelman’s Maus.


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School’s Starting Back

August 26, 2008 at 5:58 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

I’m back at school now and classes start back tomorrow.  I won’t be able to write on the blog as often.  I will get to review movies that I watch in my Asian film class (I’m excited about that one).  I’ll be working more on my club blog too, writing about comics and stuff.  I have a lot more to do in general now that I’m at school.  It’s my last year so I plan to make it fun.  I am taking five classes:  the film class, Japanese pop culture, Japanese, Middle East Political Systems, and senior seminar political psychology. I think they sound interesting.  Government classes are good at giving things to rant about.  They’re so depressing sometimes.


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Been away for a while

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Well I’ve been busy with school and stuff so that’s my excuse for being away.  It’s a really nice day today (in the middle of February) for some reason.  I think it might be over 80 degrees.  That’s definitely not normal.  It might be global warming. 

I’m still reading the same manga in Japanese as before, but now I’ve found an English translation that is kind of terrible.  I guess they all might be, but I didn’t notice before because I wasn’t comparing an English translation to the actual Japanese.

So what’s different? I witnessed a waterfall inside my dorm from a water fountain that blew up or something.  I had no idea that water fountains had that much water pressure in at.  The pipe was loose on the third floor and flood some rooms up there.  Then the water flowed down the stairs and started flooding the basement.  Not to mention that water started flowing into the first and second floors. Here’s a clip.  Crazy huh? And sorry for the bad commentary.

Other than that I’m working on a comic that’s taking me a little longer than I thought so here’s an old drawing (3 or 4 years old) that may or may not have gotten me into college.  Its a picture of colonials and native Americans. Both of them don’t trust each other so they have weapons, but at the same time their agreeing to peace.

colonials_and_indians.jpg picture by galaxyalpha

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Reading Japanese Manga

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Well I’m attempting to read a manga in Japanese. I’ve read one in Japanese before. It was Ayashi no Ceres by Yuu Watase, but for some reason that one was much easier to read than toraware no minoue by Hino Matsuri who is also the mangaka of Vampire Knight and Meru Puri.  If I was reading her other works it would be easy to find a translation and check to see how much I understand, but I have the feeling that Americans don’t know about this manga as well (I for one hadn’t heard of it before until I got the manga that is).  The manga is pretty good, but I think it doesn’t appeal to Americans as much as the other ones.

Toware no minoue means something similar to captive hearts.  In the manga, a family has served a rich family for generations because of a curse.  A girl from the rich family moves to China where she is the only survivor of some accident.  Years later she returns home where there is a boy from the servant family.  The boy, because of the curse, calls her a princess and is forced to treat her like one.  Does love ensue even though the boy has to treat her so well and has no control over that? Of course it does, but I haven’t gotten to that part yet.                                                                  toraware no minoue

Well here’s a picture of the cover.  The artwork is beautiful as it always is for Hino Matsuri. 

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