Reading Japanese Manga

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Well I’m attempting to read a manga in Japanese. I’ve read one in Japanese before. It was Ayashi no Ceres by Yuu Watase, but for some reason that one was much easier to read than toraware no minoue by Hino Matsuri who is also the mangaka of Vampire Knight and Meru Puri.  If I was reading her other works it would be easy to find a translation and check to see how much I understand, but I have the feeling that Americans don’t know about this manga as well (I for one hadn’t heard of it before until I got the manga that is).  The manga is pretty good, but I think it doesn’t appeal to Americans as much as the other ones.

Toware no minoue means something similar to captive hearts.  In the manga, a family has served a rich family for generations because of a curse.  A girl from the rich family moves to China where she is the only survivor of some accident.  Years later she returns home where there is a boy from the servant family.  The boy, because of the curse, calls her a princess and is forced to treat her like one.  Does love ensue even though the boy has to treat her so well and has no control over that? Of course it does, but I haven’t gotten to that part yet.                                                                  toraware no minoue

Well here’s a picture of the cover.  The artwork is beautiful as it always is for Hino Matsuri. 

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