Women of Rock

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I just read an article about Heart in Rolling Stone (from Sept this year not from that old one where the pics from) that saddens me, but at the same time showed me how Heart is even more awesome than I thought. After their hits Barracuda, Crazy on You, and Magic Man in the late 70s someone had to come up and get them to do power ballads, that granted are REALLY awesome, but if that wasn’t what they wanted to do they shouldn’t have have been moved into that direction.  I knew that shiz was going down when Heart came out in the late 70s, but come on. Still today? Last post I said Gretchen Wilson plans to be the first female to release a Southern Rock Album and had to create her own record label to do it.

Women can rock it out. They gave Joan Jett shiz for playing the guitar.  Something about it being just for men. Puh, and I heard they convinced Lady Gaga to do pop instead of rock, telling her it was too hard for a female to break into rock. Although the Gaga concert I went to was rock.  I don’t think they can keep that away from her.  She’s gonna do what she wants now. (And rock may not actually be selling as much anyways.)

And it’s only “ok” when for a female to do rock if she’s vocals. Gwen Stefani- No Doubt, Haley Williams- Paramore, Shirley Manson- Garbage and for something a little more obscure check out Lacuna Coil. If you want to rock I say do it. Now I’ve gotta practice more on my guitar.


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I still think I’m in Take him to the Greek.  I saw a Russell Brand look alike who was definitely in a band. I meant to see what instrument he played but whatevers. I also saw a Kid Cudi look-alike.  He was just too tall to be Kid Cudi.

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart.

Thats it for the look alikes.  I saw Heart live. 🙂 It was almost as exciting as seeing Lady Gaga live for me.  And what annoyed me to no end were the people who assumed I couldn’t know Heart. The people who were telling me who they were although I’m quite sure I know way more about them than they do.   Or the people who were like I’m too young to appreciate them. And yeah it was surprising to people that I’m a huge fan or that they discovered I like Pink Floyd…I know that music came out before I was born. I’m well aware, but its good. 

Heart is a real rock band.  I don’t see too many of those today. And for all the people my age who keep asking what songs Heart does which would explain why people assume I wouldn’t know- they do Barracuda which is on guitar hero and a version sang by Fergie is on Shrek 3.  They’re most awesome song live is Magic Man in my opinion.  That’s probably my fav Heart song in the first place.  What was extremely awesome too was their Reign O’er me cover

I also saw a guy I really wanted to take a picture of but since I was driving a huge van I couldn’t stop and take a pic.  He had an afro, had a vintage Heart tee on, and carried a record and sharpie hoping for a signiture.  He waited for hours after the show but unfortunately I don’t believe Heart even saw him. It would be kind of difficult especially considering how dark it was.  Poor guy.  But I did get a pic of the prints Heart’s dog lift on a couch.  I wish I got a pic of the dog.  I think he was a terrier and he was so cute and wore a WTF shirt.

I wish I got a Heart Tee, but since I got so many free Tees from previous bands I didn’t want to buy one…oh well I guess I can still buy one online.


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Vote for Your Heart Dress

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I was watching Regis and Kelly this morning on which Tim Gunn was a guest which reminded me that I needed to write an update on the contest that I had entered earlier.  (And that the new season of project runway is coming up and promises to be better than last season). The three top dresses have been posted on the site since then and waiting for you to vote on the winning dress.  Unfortunately my dress is not among these but I have posted the design here so that everyone can see it.  I am mentioned on the site under read more stories, titled a grandmother’s example, along with 5 others which means I had to be among the top choices right? Please vote even if my design’s not there. Heart disease awareness amongst women is very important to me.  Each vote translates into money that is then donated to research for heart disease in women.  Also the winning dress will be made and worn. 


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Pop Hearts

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4popheartsHere’s a set of Andy Warhol style pop hearts that I made inspired in part by the Pet Shop Boys Pop Art cover. 

 The first heart is fierce.

The second heart enjoys the taste of pop.

The third heart’s in pain.  It needs more pop

And the last heart’s got Madonna and Britney Spears in its eyes as it eats Michael Jackson and eyes Angelina Jolie.

At least that’s what it means to me.  What do you think?


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Rock N’ Roll

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I think its kind of sad that it took the game guitar hero to make me really love rock. I’ve been moving in that direction over the past few years. I had to discover Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Stevie Nicks after that I started liking classic rock more. Before I would describe me listen to rock as apreciation, now I can’t get enough guitars.  Not to mention that I now know the life stories of everyone from Jim Morrison, Slash, and Axel Rose. The weird thing is its not like I haven’t heard a lot of the songs I really really like now alot but now I love them and before I didn’t.  I would almost describe it as tone deafness or something going away, because now I feel like I can hear more in the music than I had before. 

So now while I draw I can listen to Guns N’ Roses, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Van Halen, etc.  I’ve also noticed that I like what I dubbed “hippie rock” like The Doors, Blue Oyster Cult, and Jefferson Airplane. The 60s and 70s have the most awesome music ever.  What makes me somewhat sad is why didn’t I know about these groups so much earlier

Now your probably wondering what I used to listen to. Well that would be 80s, 90s, and music made now.  There is a movement now (which I like) for music that sounds like 60s.  I guess I’ll be talking more about this later so I’ll stop rambling.


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