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I’ve officially decided to write about my life as fiction. Seriously. I’ve had so much craziness happen.  A friend told me I had a day that was just like a teen movie. I would say it was like Take Him to the Greek. Although I could be wrong./ I haven’t seen that movie yet. In one day I went  to a biker bar, had to buy so much soda and beer that people were trying to invite themselves to my party, had a famous person say he loved me from the back of a minivan. I went the wrong way down a one way street sort of, had rowdy band members in the van and I’m sure you can image what they were talking about…Oh and Blake Shelton hunted alligator. He’s a pretty cool dude.

Oh and to end the night I drove past a possom that I feared was a giant rat with glowing eyes, two families of deer, and worst of all a skunk on my way home.  Thankfully it didn’t stink me.  I had just seen this black thing with a white stripe down its back in the middle of the road.

Day before that craziness I had joined a jam session with a guitar that wasn’t even mine.  I had never played an acoustic before.  Boy was that thing light.  So the session was at a rehab center and a crazed dude was outside trying to escape as a friend and I entered the building. 

With all this craziness I have plenty of material for comics and stories.  Let’s see if I have time to use this. I have more where this came from. Well I have a concert tomorrow.  More will probably happen.

Not to mention I took a pic of a painting from the 1920s that looks just like Boy George that I really wasn’t supposed to.  I guess they might have asked me to delete it if they had caught me taking that pic…and here I am posting it for everyone to see. It was in the art museum and no photography was allowed…boy do I ever pay attention. So here it is.

Cool huh?

I saw the Counting Crows and their traveling circus and medicine show thanks to my inglorious internship and they were awesome. They had the opening acts go up to the stage interchangeably instead of making them go up first so that people would have the chance to see them knowing that people like to show up late to only see the opener.  And those guys were all good.  If you get the chance that is a good one. They were with Augustana and Notar.

Well I wrote more than enough.  Now I’m going to practice my guitar and get ready for another day of a concert-Sublime with Rome.

Oh I forgot, I watched Paranormal Activity and the next day included thunderstorms, flickering lights, and strange voices…that may explain my strange life.


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New Year’s Resolutions

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I never really made a resolutions before for New Years, but I guess 2010 is as good a year as any to make some.  It’s not exactly 2012 if you get my drift.  The economy may be bad but its getting better.  Do these resolutions ever work? I know they’re not supposed to be vague, should be small and not seem impossible.  Guess I’ll find out throughout the year if they work.

Play my Guitar more  I haven’t played at all lately 😦 Thing is I have to keep my fingernails cut and I like them long and even when I do cut them I still have to find time to play. 

Exercise more Isn’t this on everyone’s resolution?

Blog more I took a long break and now I’m back and I plan to stay back. I also want to make my blog better and more interesting so people’ll read it. 

Figure out Twitter.  I’m there but to tell you the truth I don’t know how to do much on it.  Like how do trending topics happen? And how do you use them to your advantage?  How about twitpic and gaining followers? I think I have like two and one is like a Donald Trump ad person.

Finish my comic Snow and get it published or at least put it online

Either make it big quick or go back to school and I’m sure you can guess which is more likely to happen.

Get another job as long as its part time it doesn’t really matter what kind.  I just need the moolah.

Meet more people and stay in touch with the ones I do know.  I seem to be doing better at this one already.

Paint and draw more. More art throughout the year.

And lastly and most importantly find the time to do all this. I never feel that I have enough time for everything.  Time seems to slip through my fingers.

I guess I better get to it.

Anyone else made New Year’s resolutions?


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Memories of the King of Pop

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I was afraid to write about Michael Jackson right after he died, because so many people were doing it to the point that facebook and twitter shut down.  And I just didn’t know what to say.  I was so shocked by the news I didn’t even know what to think.  Then the rumours about his death started to fly around and I decided to wait until I knew something better, because I wanted to write something that shows something meaninful without sounding like I was part of the frenzy which I’m probably still part of.

Well basically I was raised on Michael Jackson.  My brother didn’t really want to listen to anyone else.  We have the moonwalker vid and everything.  I liked Michael Jackson, but I don’t think I was exactly crazy about him even though I did think he was awesome, but he was an important part of my childhood.  But I remember trying to do the lean from smooth criminal a lot, unsuccessfully.   When I see videos like Leave Me Alone and Jam, smooth criminal, bad, and remember the time or anything from Moonwalker, remember that rabbit?,  they remind me of my childhood which I think was a good one so they make me happy to see.  Sure I was born in ’87, the year Bad came out, but that was the music played in my house for some years later.  I remember watching Leave me alone and not knowing who Elizabeth Taylor was or that she was in the video.  And the dog in the vid was similar to dogs that seemed popular in the late 80s and early 90s.  And the things at the gate at :58 remind me of the hamburger helper glove.  In general the whole kookiness of the video reminds me of my childhood, like the jumbled up and sporadic memories of children. 

I was one of those people that started listening to music of my own in high school, but especially in college.  It was then that I rediscovered MJ.  This time I appreciated the excellence of his music and performances and watched the videos because they were good and interesting, not just because it was something on at my house.

And in college I had friends who totally obessessed over him like he was a new fad or something.  One did thriller all the time and one wanted to film a scene from bad and have everyone dress up as Michael through his different phrases, because we were all of different backgrounds .  And they even drew pictures of him and posted it in public and watched too many videos.  One time I had a three hour one and they watched it until they had headaches.  And on the end of that tape, because it was old, was when Michael released stranger in moscow, which I found to be one of his best whether or not it was popular didn’t matter. I think the song is absolutely amazing, but I think that like Leave Me Alone was too true to life for people to want to listen to.   Oh and how he came in on a jet pack for a concert for his dangerous tour that was the craziest and best thing I’ve seen an artist do to date.   I think it was then that I fell into the Michael Jackson craze.  I found Who is it, Give in to me,  Earth Song and scream, watched those crazy little pop up music vids, and just started listening to his music alot. 

When I started playing the guitar that of course got me more interested in guitarists and guitars in songs.  Then I found out that Michael Jackson had Van Halen for beat it, Slash for Give in to me and Black or White, and Billy Idol’s guitaritist for Smooth Criminal.  All of who are amazing.

And it helped that I went to William and Mary and joined the group of 242 to beat the record of thriller.  I think the senior class was all crazy about him.  Where ever the class prez went thriller was played.  I was once walking to see a friend and had to pass a whole bunch of people doing thriller.  It was great.

Then not too long after I graduated Michael Jackson died.  Then everyone suddenly loved him when only a little while before they kept calling him a child molester and crazy.  Suddenly hundreds of people gathered to do thriller to pay tribute to the king.  People wanted to walk around with one glove and do the moonwalk again. 

I find it sad that Michael who was such a part of my childhood died so soon after I became a legitimate adult.   And that his death was treated with such a fiasco. 

For someone who as a child didn’t have a childhood he contributed greatly to the childhoods of millions of children. And I feel that he is the Mozart of our era. The muscian other muscians look up to, but who had difficulties in their personal lives, and died from illness on the verge of a come back.


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80s Flashback

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The 80s really seem to be back and not just in fashion, but musically and mentally as well.  I’ll talk about the fashion in another post, but there has been a lot of reworking of 80s songs recently.

Katy Perry did a cover of Outfield’s Your Love, but retitled it Use your Love.  I see this as her showing us some (good) music that she enjoys.  Also I think she wants to show that her guitar is not a prop.  Near the end of Katy’s song you can hear Rob Base and Dj EZ Rock’s It takes two.

Flo rida used Dead or Alive’s You spin me round (like a record) for the song Right Round. You spin me round actually makes for a good rap song.  I was pleasantly surprised, although at first I didn’t like it.  It took me a little while to get used to, because although it obviously used You spin me round its totally different.

What do you think about the sampling, covers, or otherwise use of 80s songs now?  And What’s with using some lyrics for the chorus for the name of the song?


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Flashback Connection: Layla

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Layla by Derek and the Dominos featuring Eric Clapton and Duane Allman on guitar in 1970 is one of my favorite songs. It was recently ranked number 13 on Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest guitar songs.  It’s a sad love song based on a Persian story by Nezami about the unrequited love between Layla and Majnun. Clapton had seen himself as Majnun who had gone crazy because the girl he loved married another.  He had an unrequited love (at the time) to George Harrison’s wife.  The song itself is so beautiful and sad.  The guitars seem to be crying which ironically Clapton had befriended Harrison while working on While My Guitar Gently Weeps which is number 7 on the rolling stones list.

It’s good to be well rounded.  It can help write or understand songs among other things. 

So here are the lyrics:

What’ll you do when you get lonely
And nobody’s waiting by your side?
You’ve been running and hiding much too long.
You know it’s just your foolish pride.

Layla, you’ve got me on my knees.
Layla, I’m begging, darling please.
Layla, darling won’t you ease my worried mind.

I tried to give you consolation
When your old man had let you down.
Like a fool, I fell in love with you,
Turned my whole world upside down.


Let’s make the best of the situation
Before I finally go insane.
Please don’t say we’ll never find a way
And tell me all my love’s in vain.




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Cost of a strat

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I was walking around best buy looking at the electric keyboards and turned around to see guitars. Really cheap ones that say that they are made by Gibson and Fender.  They were under 200 bucks along with the amp. I look at the box, well only the fender because that’s the kind I bought, in order to compare the cost and see what’s different about it.  So my strat was 399 because it was made in Mexico and that one was around 100 or so, because it came with the amp.  And considering the price of the American made guitars to my Mexican made one… I only hope the quality is more.  Is the difference that is more assembly line style made and that the workers are paid less, because I noticed that where the workers are paid less and less so is the price.

I’m all for cheap stuff. Especially now with the economy and the low weight of the dollar, but I’m for quality and getting the bang for the buck.  Also I don’t like to think that people are being ripped off so badly (workers and consumers both).  What are we doing in are search for cheaper and cheaper goods? And is it even worth it?

The best guitars were said to be made in the late 50s and early 60s before they became mass produced.  I’m sure they were more expensive comparatively and I wonder how much the workers were paid in comparison, but I wonder how much quality is lost.  It is not only the guitar that has become like this.  So many other things have been made cheap so that people can afford them, but as they are made cheap they are outsourced. Businesses try to rip off their workers to make profits and keep costs down.


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       I went out and bought a guitar, amp, and a few other things for it the other day.  It cost a small fortune, but I’m happy.  I got a Mexican made Fender Statocaster and its black and white like the one in the photo.  I’m currently learning my chords and notes. Can’t play any worthwhile songs yet but I will someday.

As a child I never liked music class…so this all seems kind of strange to me.  Maybe it was that I never got to play the instrument that called the most to me.  I mean the recorder or one of those band instruments don’t even come close to the type of sound of the guitar. Not to say that orchestras are not assume, because they are.  It’s just that I guess that’s not the type of music I wanted to play (not that I really had an interest in playing music).   I kind of used to wish to get out of those classes as fast as possible. I kind of regret it now, because I have learn all that music stuff now, even though now I enjoy.  So people can and do change.  I’m proof of that.

Well I’m going to be working on 100 top guitar songs, because I wasn’t happy with the Rolling Stone’s list as were a lot of people.  If you have any suggestions please list them. 




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