I made it to The Gap

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I’m not a huge fan of The Gap.  I never was and going in did not change my mind.  In three words its neat, clean and denim.  Even the scents are clean.  Not to mention its a bit more expensive than I’d like.  I’m not going to buy 80 dollar jeans, however nice they are.  Even if I did have the money the Gap’s not exciting enough for me to shop at.  Neat and Clean is ok, but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for in clothing.  And what’s the whole thing about 1969? I didn’t see any hippy stuff going on in there.  Lucky Brand does that much better than The Gap.  The music wasn’t all that good. It varied between soft rock and some slow weird techno that sounded like something I could have made which means not good. There weren’t too many pictures of people in the store, two big posters, and some little ones scattered around.  It didn’t help me figure out who are the people wearing the clothes. 

So who exactly is The Gap advertising to? Its kind of a mystery.  I should have gotten it walking in the store.  I didn’t.  And looking at their commericals with Sarah Jessica Parker and Common or their Christmas/Hannaka/ Kwanza one I thought they were looking for fun, cool people, but in the store it was like they were looking for boring people who like normal jeans.  Not a ripped one in sight. Just the basics: straight, boot, I don’t even know if they had wide. But the quality of the jeans was good.  Better than some places, but I would rather shop at Old Navy which is the same company anyways. But Old Navy has better commercials and is much cooler in general.

Unlike the other stores I had to look at for my grad school ap: Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, and J Crew, The Gap sales children’s clothes.  Aeropostale and American Eagle attract tweens who can pick out their own clothing, but not children whose parents are doing the shopping.  All of them have mens and womens clothing.  But all the rest of the stores at least had a definite brand image of whose coming into the store.  Aeropostale with the bright colors, Tees, and hoodies is fairly youthful although I did see an entire family, the dad, mom, and daughters, all wearing Aeropostale.  American Eagle is youthful with a kind of laid back, and beachy hemp wearing. Abercrombie’s like a club, for partiers and “Hot” people, while J Crew is more mature than the other stores. College age and up I’d say. The Gap is somewhat mature with its basics: sweaters, jeans, and the like.  The image seems to be basic and neat, classic.  But when there are more exciting stores to shop in  with more character and your commercials aim for something else it gets all jumbled up as to who should shop in there.

People pay for the brand image more than the. clothing.  Why would they be interested in buying from a store with a confused image? And with everyone trying to be uber fasionable now days are basics selling if they aren’t cheap? People will buy basics, normal jeans and sweaters, but if you can get that at Walmart for under $30 are you willing to shell out $80 even if it is better quality?

Of course it could just be the Gap at Chesterfield Townscenter and it may not reflect all other Gaps, but there is a reason I never shop at The Gap.


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Mo Faux Shopping

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I visited the all other places on my list for grad school except the Gap itself.  That will have to wait for another time.  And I had forgotten that Aeropostale was on the list previously but here’s what I got

J Crew is sophisticated carrying things like Panama hats and polos.  Its got some nice jackets and dresses too.  No music played in the store and it was open and easy to shop in.  I liked it, but could really afford anything in there.  And its not just for tiny people like American Eagle and Abercrombie.

Abercrombie and Fitch is like shopping in a night club.  Dance music pounded and pictures of half naked (I don’t really know what that means but I think thats what they were) models hang on the ways as I walked through. There was way way TOO much perfume sprayed in that store!.  I heard someone actually say it stank.  I agreed.  I couldn’t stay in there very long thanks to that and all their clothes over priced anyways.  30 dollars for a t shirt that says Abercrombie? Yeah right.  And here the employees have to be hawt.  Remember that suit about the girl with the prosthetic arm getting fired?  I seriously noticed the employees.  And all there clothes were for tiny, fit people.  For the girls everything was for like a six and under.  They  try so hard to be “cool” and “up to date.”  I went in and they were like sign up for free texts. I was like I hope those give good sales because nothings cheap in here.

American Eagle I went in this time at a different mall. I was at Short Pump this time while I was a Regency before.  Again the double zeros where out on display and it was hard to find a six.  BTW do not buy American Eagle Perfume it stinks.  The first wiff is good.  But the second and third I just smelt chemicals.  Granted I have a good nose. But please I beg of you do not buy and do not wear their perfume. The prices were reasonable unlike Abercrombie.  The music it was calmer and was more like daytime, hang out, beach music so it was more chill as well.

Lastly, but not the least, I went to Aeropostale.  The place where all the kids seem to want to get their clothes.  I’m talking about tweens who like places like Justice.  Aeropostale had very bright colorful clothes.  And the prices weren’t back.  You can easily find $10 Tees here unlike Abercrombie and there are plenty of hoodies.  And their perfumes are actually really good.  While inside I saw an entire family wearing Aeropostale clothes which I found funny.  The mom, the dad, and the kids, walked into the store looking like an ad.

Where do you like to shop? Any of these places?  Personally I like Pennys,  Kohls,  Old Navy,  Forever 21,  H&M, and a few other places.


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A Look @ American Eagle

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For my grad school ap  for advertising they have me doing some strange and some kind of cool stuff.  Like I get to go into clothing stores which I like doing and compare them.  The ones they have me going in aren’t necessarily the ones I shop in so I’m not too afraid of going on a shopping spree.  They’ve got me looking at the Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, J Crew, and American Eagle.  I have to see why and how these other stores are taking away the Gap’s market. 

So far I’ve only gone into American Eagle and I have to say it made me feel fat and I am by no means fat unless I decided to model.  They had all their double zeros out on display and I was like where are your 6s.  I understand that zeros and the like are difficult to find in normal stores so I wasn’t all like get me out of here, but really the double zeros don’t have the best look aesthetically when on display.  They carry a lot of denim and plaid, but that’s to be expected.  Now I have to check out the other stores on the list.

Do you shop at any of these stores?  What do you think?


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Stylin’ in PJs

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I just realized I totally rock my Pjs.  People have been telling me I look like a rock star in my pjs and could totally walk around like that. Reason? For some reason wear something like this

Yes that’s Beyonce in Sweet Dreams.  I rock the socks over the knee and a robe about the length of that dress which curiously does look like a robe. Of course I also get told its ok to wear anything I want because Gaga wears anything, but I don’t think I could pull off her look, although I have worn a bubble dress before.

Sometimes my day clothes are as cool but mostly I stuck in this thanks to my job (blue shirt and khakis like these peeps):

Sad isn’t it?


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Who’s got Gaga’s brows?

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Looks like Dakota Fanning and Rihanna have the same brows as Gaga.  What’s up with that?



Do you like these eyebrows? And seriously why am I talking about eyebrows? Because I didn’t realize that people copied eyebrows like they do clothes.  I think its kind of ridiculous.


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Manifesto of a little monster

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A friend recently sent me some pics that remind her of me  and in her words “Not in a creepy alien way, but in a nice fuzzy GaGa way.”  But of course they are creepy,  in a Gaga way.  I don’t know what nice and fuzzys all about.  What’s the scariest about them is they remind her of me. But even though they are creepy I kind of do like them when I think about it.  I’m not sure what this says about me.  Maybe just that I am in fact a little monster.

Look at the pics:

This model looks like she’s gonna keel over soon either from smoking too much or not eating enough.  Maybe a combo of both.

This one looks like something Gaga wore in Manifesto of a Little Monster.

This is one freaky video that Lady gaga did for her Monster Ball.  Shows craziness. But I guess all little monsters have craziness.

I know they probably reminded her of Gaga which in turn reminded her of me cuz I’m just a little obsessed, well maybe more than a little…


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Gaga’s X factor

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Gaga’s look on the x factor looks like something an anime character would wear or a mech but it was not the first time I saw an actual person wear something like this.

Empire of the Sun beat her to it in their video Standing on the shore.


What do you think about the triangular arm look?  Not very practical is it?  They can’t use their hands in those things.


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Gaga silhouette 2

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I had a request for the outfit Lady Gaga wore while meeting the queen.  It was made of red latex in the style of Elizabeth the first.  The silhoutte sort of looks like a ketchup bottle though. Maybe I should have used a different color like I did for the other ones.

I’m not going to have you guess this time and I also did her outfit from the x-factor.

I love how serious she looks wearing this.  I wish I could do that.


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Gaga’s silhouetted outfits

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Here are the outfits from the silhoutte drawings.  See if you got them right.




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