A gift of music and E music sux

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Emusic is no itunes. Not even close.  Recently I downloaded 48 free songs.  35 of them came from emusic thanks to ticketmaster’s giveaway while the rest was from itunes.  I must add that emusic pretty much sucks.  I should have been a been to choose 35 songs in about 2 minutes.  Instead it turned into a 2 hour long hunt for some descent music.  No Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bat for Lashes, Weezer, REM, I started to get desperate after a while.  I did end up with good songs but it took far too long. 

Here’s what I got:

Ozzy Osbourne  Tribute album

Little Boots Stuck on Repeat and Meddle

Lady Hawke  Paris is Burning

Ladytron   Ghosts, Runaway, Blue Jeans (Temple of Jay Remix)

Adele   Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory

Santigold   LES Artistes and Lights Out

Creature     Who’s hot, whos not and Pop Culture

Roisin Murphy   You know me better (Body Jack Remix)

Kim Carnes     Bette Davis Eyes

Coolio    Gangsta’s Paradise

Bush       Little Things

Savage Garden     To the Moon and Back

Nik Kershaw     Wouldn’t it be good

Human League    Love me Madly?  and Sin City

Ever use emusic?  What do you think?


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Evil Hell Bent Creature

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A creature chewed up the wires in my dad’s car.  Now I fear for the safety of mine.  My car’s too new to get chewed up.  What kind of evil fiend is doing this? Going up under the hood and chewing the wires?

Something along the lines of this

Sadly I do suspect a kitten that got cold and sought the heat of the car but then began to play with the wires and chew them because that’s what kittens do.  Or it could be the bandit known as the raccoon.  We have those too.


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Pop music about pop

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There are quite a few pop songs out there about pop, but I’m only naming some of the ones that use pop in the title that I like.

Creature Pop Culture

Prince Pop Life  Sorry this is the remix.  Couldn’t find the original. If nothing else listen to the lyrics.

Pop Musik  Not the greatest song ever, but gets nicely stuck in the head which is what pop music tends to do.

Then there’s the Pet Shop Boys Pop Art album.  Which is awesome.

Know anymore pop pop music songs?


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Creature Who’s Hot Who’s Not

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Here’s a catchy song I found while searching youtube Who’s Hot Who’s Not by Creature. It really reminds me of the 80s.  Not only do the clothes and music remind me of the 80s, but people are break dancing.  This is a fun and high energy song.  Get ready to want to dance.

 So are you ready for the return of the 80s?


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