Tune into the Party!

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This is a commercial I made for the Q94 Create the next commercial contest.  It took forever to make this commerical.  I had from the end of February, when I found out about the contest, to mid March to create a commercial on my own which I’ve never done before.  I took me a while to figure out what to do.  I have barely any experience doing any of this except the drawing part.  And I didn’t know if I could actually use hit music so I made my own and you can probably tell I’ve never done that before. 

You can vote here for the winnerhttp://www.q94radio.com/pages/commercialvoting.html.  I’m contestant #5 but their not showing my vid right now.  Argg…The winner gets their commercial aired on TV in the Richmond area and may get the chance to meet a Q94 artist and see them make their next music video.  I know who I would pick if I won and if she was on the list, Lady Gaga.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to see her make her next video? Of course if I won, got there and fainted I don’t think I would be seeing much of anything. 


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Campbell’s AdDRESS your Heart

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Here are some dresses I had designed while coming up with one to enter the Campbell’s adDress your Heart contest which donates money earned from votes on the winning dress to the American Heart Association to help educate women about heart disease so please vote when you can.  I’m not posting the one I entered until later, but while I was designing these dresses I seriously felt like I was competing against Andy Warhol (and if that was the case I diffently didn’t win) but he’s dead so you wouldn’t think I would be competing with him.  But in 1967 his design was printed on a paper dress and that still inspires the dresses campbell has liked in recent years.





Here are some I ditched before coloring.  All the dresses had to be mostly red so I just colored them another color, because I thought the dresses were too cute to totally ditch.




I hope you like the dress designs.  I didn’t design the shoes, just changed colors and all that.  I used Alexander McQueen, Dior and some other fancy shoes.


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Last Page

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Well this is the last page in my short little manga. I hope to get good enough to enter the Morning International Manga Competition (MIMC) contest and the rising stars of manga contest at Tokyo Pop. Really good work has been submited in both competitions.   I may try to enter the rising stars contest this year if I can get someone else to work with me.  I also have a lot of improving to go through.


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Yet another contest

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In November I entered a contest in which I had to draw a manga.  It was a doujinshi (or fan comic) for the manga Black Sun, Silver Moon.  I never read the manga, but by looking at the art and reading the story line I managed to draw a doujinshi.  I was a finalist in the competition so I won a few prizes and got my work displayed at the New York Anime Festival. I couldn’t go see my work display which would have been nice, because I don’t live in New York and I wasn’t going to travel up there in the middle of December.

My Doujinshi turned out to be five pages and a cover page.  I admit the cover is a piece of crap, because that is the first and only picture I’ve started and  finished on photoshop, but I can guarantee that the rest of my little manga is not.


Page one is below.  I’ll be posting the rest little by little.


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Shojo Beat Contest

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A part of my contest fever was entering every contest featured in the December issue of Shojo Beat.  Most of the contests are basically drawing type and based solely on luck.  I entered all of them with the hopes of winning at least one.  One of the contests required me to design an outfit in order to win two complete outfits from the Japanese Gothic Lolita company Baby.

The outfit I designed is below.  Of Course the outfit is in the Gothic Lolita stlye.  It has to be dark and cute.  I drew a lot of lace to give it a flowing flowery feel.  Also the shirt collars are based on kimono. The jacket is essentially a military jacket while the shirt design was based on a corset. I used pink, because its cute and black because its supposed to be gothic. Tell me what you think.

gothloli1copy.jpg picture by galaxyalpha

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