Run Around

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Did the Blues Traveler concert yesterday.  I guess nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I mean I did the run around as usual.  Except this time I can make a bad pun out of it since that was their hit. And if you don’t know you it listen to it. Although if you lived through the 90s you know it whether or not you recognize the name or band. The harmonica is madness especially live. 

So I found out Blues Travelers going to the Lollapalooza and they were calling it Lolla so now I have the Kinks Lola in my head that makes me want to go there even more.

Ah Lolla what I would do for you.


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Lollapalooza or Bust!

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Since I’m not going to the Free Fest, I set my eyes on a higher prize. The Lollapalooza in Chicago. It would be my chance at a roadtrip too if I find people to join me. Its coming up soon August 6th. Probably too soon to plan, but not to stop dreaming.  Lady Gaga’s getting a stage built especially for her.  Green Day, Soundgarden, MGMT, Arcade Fire, Erykah Badu, X Japan, and Devo are some of the acts going.  And its even more awesome considering that tickets to Lady Gaga by her self can easily cost the amount of a three day pass and she’s set to do a two hour performance.  How can you pass that up? And why are there still tickets? If I lived closer to Chicago I would have bought mine a long time ago.  People in that area must be spoiled having something like that come around every year.

Well I’ll just try to content myself with old Live Aid footage from 1985…which I believe was the greatest concert ever held. And the attempts to copy it with Live 8 in 2005 and Earth Aid not too long after paled miserably in comparision. Live Aid had Queen, Phil Collins, Sting, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Madonna, Duran Duran…in fact it would be easier to say who was not there than who was. They each had 20 minute sets and the amount of people who attended was crazy.  You can see in this clip of Queen’s performance that people weren’t just paying to see the performance, because not many people could even see the stage.  They were paying to be in the artist’s prescence.  I don’t think people do that as much anymore considering arenas don’t sell like they used to.

Now it seems Madonna wants to put on a Live Aid type concert for Malawi.  Could be hope yet for me. If I can’t go to Lollapalooza this year maybe next, although I’m sure Lady Gaga won’t be there…and there may be this Live aid type thing.  I know there are always concerts, but not always in my area, and not usually what I can afford. I’m broke as who knows what.  Especially know that I’m going to grad school. Pff. The life of a broke student in a area that usually doesn’t get the awesomeness of the Lollapalooza.

Or not that whole Madonna thing doesn’t seem real…Oh well.


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Failed Attempt and Egg-Frying Heat

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I really wanted to go to the Virgin Mobile FreeFest that will be at the Merriweather Post in Maryland, but it just didn’t work out.  Buying concert tix is usually bad enough. Trying to get them free was atrocious. I think it was the first time this festival was free.  I hope it works out so they can have it again. Ticketfly kept kicking my friend and I off and wouldn’t let us get any tix. It was worse than registration at William and Mary, which is saying a lot.   It kept making up crap like you have two browsers up at once when really only one was up and I was forcibly removed from the site for what? And then when I had pretty much gotten the tix I was kicked off the site and of course I ended up with nothing.  I was so close. I could have seen MIA, ludacris, TI, Joan Jett, Jimmy Eat World, and a lot of other acts like the up and coming Sleigh Bells.  Oh well, there’s always next time and who know who’ll be there.  And there will be other concerts, but not free like this.  And the only person who I’ve heard got tix is a computer wiz.  Were you lucky enough to get tix? If you were I’m jealous.  That is going to be one hell of a show. And I haven’t been able to be a fan at the last concerts I’ve gone to because I’m technically at work. 😦 I was looking foward to yelling my lungs out.

Its been so hot lately that my internet hasn’t been holding up to the heat.  Maybe if it wasn’t so hot I would have gotten a ticket? Anyways it reached 105 degrees in Richmond yesterday which broke a record for July here.  I figured it was hot enough to fry an egg on the black pavement and boy was I right. I fried an egg and made sun tea, just set water outside with tea bags in it.  And today is supposed to be just as hot…I hate this heat, but it least its doing my cooking for me right?


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Tale of Sublime and the fake Lil Wayne

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I admit sometimes I see things that I wouldn’t believe if it didn’t happen to me. Like the other day I saw this dude with an entourage that looked just like Lil Wayne, except lil Wayne’s in jail so of course it couldn’t be him and his entourage looked just like the Black Eyed Peas.  It was like lil Wayne took Will.I.Am’s place and started going with Fergie cuz this look alike was diffently going out with a girl that looked just like Fergie.  And as I passed girls in the mall they all wanted a piece of him. He was wearing the skinniest jeans I’ve ever saw a guy wearing and it was like how’d he get in them. So of course I looked too long in his direction and they thought I like those other girls was looking at him and his possy had to say something to the effect of boasting his ego. Although I kinda wish I had a pic to show how similar he looked. He didn’t have tats though and his dreads weren’t as long.

I worked the Sublime with Rome concert yesterday.  It was fair awesome.  I got to drive members of the Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, and Sublime, and Rome around.  They were all cool guys. I used to think that these music artists are all full of themselves but that’s not the case.  Of course you do have a bunch of those around, but these guys were cool. 

So yesterday I bought out all the Deer Parks at Food Lion which were hidden beneath a mountain of water that I’m so glad someone dug out for me. I took band members to Guitar Center which was cool. While there someone was playing Alicia Keys and other good songs very well. But when band guys look for stuff at a music store they mean busy and it took a while for them to get what they wanted.

Throughout out the concert there were quite a few arrests of drunk/high people.  I even saw cops chase this one guy down.  At the time I was in the van driving for a pick up and Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love was on. That is a really good cop chase song if you ever wanted one.

And we may be seeing Rome on Yo Gabba Gabba soon.  That would be cool.


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The Apocalypse on Tour!

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The snowacalpse,  snowmeggedon, earthquakes, and that one particular volcano’ s probably got a lot of people thinking its the end of the world.  Movies like 2012 and the growing fear people in the US are showing towards the government aren’t helping matters.  At least we’re no longer having a financial meltdown and the economy’s supposedly getting better.  2010 has been particularly busy.

But I’m not going to talk about those things anymore. Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour and Rihanna’s Last Girl on Earth Tour both herald the end.  Not to start any new conspiracy theories.  There are enough of those flying around.  But does this pic of Gaga remind you of something quite scary or is it just me? She’s even got horns on that mask. Gaga had her little monster’s making apocalyptic videos for the first leg of her tour.  Here’s one particularly good one:

The second leg may not be the apocalypse anymore, but it still has monsters. I’m looking forward to the Monster Ball.

As for Rihanna her whole gig seems to be the end, last girl on earth. How could that not be the end.  And with songs like Fire Bomb, Hard, and Mad House you’d think the whole world’s gone to pieces and only crazy, tough people remain. I’m curious how she’s got her concert planned out. And with Ke$ha opening I know she’s going to have a wild crowd. Too bad Nicki Minaj’s not doing the tour that would have been even more crazy.  People are going to be hype coming out of the show.

Anyone going to the Monster Ball or Last Girl on Earth Tour? And what do you think about all this about the apocalypse?


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From sisters to ladies

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I mentioned the amount of ladies there are in music today before, like Lady Gaga, Ladytron, Lady Hawke. Need I go on?  But it wasn’t always popular to be a lady.  Sister used to be popular and what’s that say about the way we think today?

Twisted Sister’s known for their kooky outfits and the song We’re not going to Take it.

Sister Hazel  Remember their song All for you?  Great song.  That’s a 90s song for you.  I did see them in concert last year.  It was cool.  It was a surprise concert really thrown on Blow Out at William and Mary. 

Night Ranger “Sister Christian”  Yeah the groups not a sister, but they did that song Sister Christian and I think that qualifies them to join the sisters.

Scissor Sisters is the only modern group of sisters I know of at the moment.  Not to say that the other sisters aren’t still performing, because they are.  They’re also the only sister that even has a girl in the group.  None of the other sisters do.  Really what makes a group of guys take on the name sister? I want to ask that about the groups using the term ladies too.

Totally embarassed. I forgot Sister Sledge of We are family and He’s the Greatest Dancer (Which a certain Will Smith song sounds like)  fame and the Pointer Sisters with the likes of I’m so Excited and Jump (for my love).  How is that even possible?

Do you like the sisters better than the ladies?


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Lady Gaga Live!

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I finally saw Lady Gaga live.  It took months.  Originially she was supposed to come to Richmond April 3.  The place she was originally supposed to play at Toad’s place was deep in debt and closed down and then she was going to place at the National, but she was suddenly asked to play at American idol.  So it took her until the 28th of September to make it back to Richmond.  Thankfully September worked better for me than April.

Unfortunately her opening acts did not join her and for all the tickets to be general admission alot of the ticket prices were jacked up, but I don’t think the fans cared.  They were awesome! I guess I should say we, because I’m one too.  They dressed in lively costumes. Even Kermit the frog came.  There was this one guy who looked like Boy George that even posed when going down the aisle whose style I’ve chosen to call extreme new wave.  People commented how it was like the runway. Parents came and rocked out and brought there kiddies.  This was not a kiddie show.  I swear there was more than one 8 year old.  Before the concert they were playing dance remixes that sounded like video game music and hyped up the crowd.  One song even included a countdown that made even stand up thinking that Gaga was coming out and every few minutes everyone chanted Gaga, Gaga, Gaga.

Youtube does Lady Gaga no justice, but you can see like the entire concert was put on Youtube not too long after the show.  You can find it here or type lady gaga richmond into youtube. Her shiny outfits reflected onto the walls and crowds looking like moving stars and the lights created awesome shades against the wall of her and her dancers.  It felt like a rock show with the metal influenced band playing for her during and inbetween acts.  Her films: The brain, the heart, the face were played on different types of screens.  Her entrance was amazing. Gaga even threw gloves, a drum stick,  and a pair of shades into the audences. The whole show was great.  Best concert I’ve seen even if it was a bit short, a little more than an hour.  I’m sure the length will get better as she releases new songs but I wonder if she could have been on tour so long if she sang longer.



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