Yacht I bet you never heard of them.

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I heard about the group yacht by looking through an issue of Rolling Stones, the one explaining why the Beatles broke up.  There were a lot of other bands in there that I didn’t look up, but I thought Yacht looked interesting.  They were number 8 on college radio top 10 albums.  College radio usually has a lot of off beat stuff which is something that Yacht is, off beat.  It was the description that made me look them up.  “This dance rock crew release its new album-packed with rubbery synths and Nintendo bloops” 

My favorite of their songs are Psychic City (Voodoo City) and Summer Song.  Both of the music videos feature actors that look somewhat similar to the actual band members.  Psychic city shows yin and yang with the female in black representing voodoo and the male in white representing Catholism who both battle and find love .  Summer song pokes fun at making music videos without a budget.  I crack up everytime I see it.

What do you think about this band?  Good or too weird?


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Exciting William and Mary football news!

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Here’s a comic I did portraying William and Mary’s win over UVA in football. William and Mary’s not known for having a good football team and is a really small school in comparison to UVA.  I am extremely proud of WM’s football team. 

Go Tribe!


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William and Mary Thriller

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Just so you know William and Mary of Williamsburg, VA beat the Thriller world record of most people dancing.   The previous record was around 170 and now its 242.  More people have danced to Thriller at once, but they didn’t apply to the Guiness Book of World Records so they never increased the record. 

I was out there.  But unfortuanately you can’t see me in the video.  Although I can be seen in this picture.  There are more views of the dance considering that people were lined up on the sidelines to watch.  If only they had joined we would have had more people, but its over now so I shouldn’t dwell on it. 

Anyways our class president who is wearing the hat in the video was obsessed with Michael Jackson and Thriller.  He danced it everywhere and eventually convinced a lot of people to come out and dance to it.  So after several hours of practice we did the final dance that beat the record.  They were really strict about signing up people and counting. Watch the end its really creepy. 🙂  Well it was fun and I can say I was a part of a World record.

And as you can see some people dressed the part.


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School’s Starting Back

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I’m back at school now and classes start back tomorrow.  I won’t be able to write on the blog as often.  I will get to review movies that I watch in my Asian film class (I’m excited about that one).  I’ll be working more on my club blog too, writing about comics and stuff.  I have a lot more to do in general now that I’m at school.  It’s my last year so I plan to make it fun.  I am taking five classes:  the film class, Japanese pop culture, Japanese, Middle East Political Systems, and senior seminar political psychology. I think they sound interesting.  Government classes are good at giving things to rant about.  They’re so depressing sometimes.


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Been away for a while

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Well I’ve been busy with school and stuff so that’s my excuse for being away.  It’s a really nice day today (in the middle of February) for some reason.  I think it might be over 80 degrees.  That’s definitely not normal.  It might be global warming. 

I’m still reading the same manga in Japanese as before, but now I’ve found an English translation that is kind of terrible.  I guess they all might be, but I didn’t notice before because I wasn’t comparing an English translation to the actual Japanese.

So what’s different? I witnessed a waterfall inside my dorm from a water fountain that blew up or something.  I had no idea that water fountains had that much water pressure in at.  The pipe was loose on the third floor and flood some rooms up there.  Then the water flowed down the stairs and started flooding the basement.  Not to mention that water started flowing into the first and second floors. Here’s a clip.  Crazy huh? And sorry for the bad commentary.

Other than that I’m working on a comic that’s taking me a little longer than I thought so here’s an old drawing (3 or 4 years old) that may or may not have gotten me into college.  Its a picture of colonials and native Americans. Both of them don’t trust each other so they have weapons, but at the same time their agreeing to peace.

colonials_and_indians.jpg picture by galaxyalpha

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Back to school and page 4

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 I’m back to school (because I am a college student).  This semester looks like its going to be busy.  I’m definitely not going to be able to post my own art work up everyday.  I’ll try putting it up as often as possible and seeing that I’m not an art student I don’t have time to draw everyday. I’m actually a Government and East Asian studies major.

Well I hope you like my short manga.  So far its the best one I’ve done (I’ve done several others. 2 that end and 3 that haven’t so far and to think I’m planning on working on a another one.  Maybe I should just finish one that I’ve started first.)

Here’s page four:


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