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Lately I’ve developed something I like to call cheaphobia.  I can’t stand cheap things anymore, but its not like I can afford more expensive things so I thing I’m kinda screwed unless I can make a lot of money somehow.  I always buy cheap, because that’s what I can afford and still have money.  For example I buy $20 shades instead of $100 ones or $20 watches selling for 7.  And cheap watches are never good.  This winter half of the watches were falling apart in the store.  How could they expect people to buy them?  And even so, the watch I ended up with has problems although I can still wear it.  As for cheap sunglasses…well I would like to look at the more expensive ones to compare them.  I’ve never actually looked closely at nice shades, watches, or clothes for that matter.  I hope they are better quality because a lot of stuff in stores now days are crap.  It makes me wonder if it was always like this and I never noticed or that I’ve become picky.

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