A rip off or the power of the chords?

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Everyone’s been ripping into Lady Gaga for copying Madonna’s Express Yourself for her song Born this Way.  Lady Gaga said the chord progression was similar because she used one from disco.  Which I suppose Madonna would have as well since there were grumblings of her stealing from The Staple Singers Respect Yourself. Fortunately for Madonna and unfortunately for Lady Gaga, Respect Yourself isn’t as mainstream as taking from Express Yourself.  But after seeing this vid I truly wonder how many sound combinations there are to make in music.  Especially since everyone from Journey to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Black Eyed Peas used the same four chords.


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Tale of Sublime and the fake Lil Wayne

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I admit sometimes I see things that I wouldn’t believe if it didn’t happen to me. Like the other day I saw this dude with an entourage that looked just like Lil Wayne, except lil Wayne’s in jail so of course it couldn’t be him and his entourage looked just like the Black Eyed Peas.  It was like lil Wayne took Will.I.Am’s place and started going with Fergie cuz this look alike was diffently going out with a girl that looked just like Fergie.  And as I passed girls in the mall they all wanted a piece of him. He was wearing the skinniest jeans I’ve ever saw a guy wearing and it was like how’d he get in them. So of course I looked too long in his direction and they thought I like those other girls was looking at him and his possy had to say something to the effect of boasting his ego. Although I kinda wish I had a pic to show how similar he looked. He didn’t have tats though and his dreads weren’t as long.

I worked the Sublime with Rome concert yesterday.  It was fair awesome.  I got to drive members of the Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, and Sublime, and Rome around.  They were all cool guys. I used to think that these music artists are all full of themselves but that’s not the case.  Of course you do have a bunch of those around, but these guys were cool. 

So yesterday I bought out all the Deer Parks at Food Lion which were hidden beneath a mountain of water that I’m so glad someone dug out for me. I took band members to Guitar Center which was cool. While there someone was playing Alicia Keys and other good songs very well. But when band guys look for stuff at a music store they mean busy and it took a while for them to get what they wanted.

Throughout out the concert there were quite a few arrests of drunk/high people.  I even saw cops chase this one guy down.  At the time I was in the van driving for a pick up and Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love was on. That is a really good cop chase song if you ever wanted one.

And we may be seeing Rome on Yo Gabba Gabba soon.  That would be cool.


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Boom Boom Pow!

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Noticed all the Boom Boom Boom and Pow Pow Pow in songs?

Usher’s  OMG has pow pow pow and of course Will.i.am’s a part of it.  Rihanna’s Rude Boy got Boom Boom Boom which Will.i.am didn’t touch but he could have still influenced it considering how much he worked with Rihanna on her last album.

Is it too much Boom Boom Pow for you? And would you blame it on Will.i.am?


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Grammys ’10 Battle of the divas

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I saw the grammys last night and thought it was awesome and because of the amount of female artist dueling it out for supremcy thisgrammy was officially the Battle of the Divas.

Lady Gaga and Elton John’s opener did not disappoint.  It came complete with a fame factory, monsters, and a sacrifce.  Gaga was sent straight to the flames.  Wish Gaga won a grammy on air and not just the two she won before, but I’m not complaining.  She did win more than one grammy and some awesome artists have never won any like Diana Ross who never won any despite being nominated for 12.

Beyonce was awesome as ever.  She’s in a league of her own.  5 Grammy wins, 2 years in a row.  I think she’s the only female artist so far to accomplish that.  It must have been weird for her to watch Jayz accept that award with Rihanna and her (B’s) nephew. I wish Rihanna had been able to perform that would have been nice.

So glad Kanye wasn’t there.   Didn’t get to yell at Taylor Swift as she cleaned up awards, not as much as Beyonce, but still.  She got album of the year.  I knew she would, but I’m still mad.  Just because she’s cute and had Kanye do something horrid.  I think it should have gone to Gaga or Beyonce.  I did like seeing Taylor perform with Stevie Nicks.


There was mad pairing going on at the Grammys.  Lady Gaga and Elton John, Taylor Switft and Stevie Nicks, and Roberta Flack and Maxwell.  I haven’t seen or heard about Roberta in like forever where’d they find her? I know she’s older now, but boy did she look stiff, like she couldn’t bend her neck.  It looked kind of uncomfortable.

I guess because I don’t listen to country I didn’t realize the Zac Brown Band was such a big deal.  I was hoping for Keri Hilson or MGMT or even the Ting Tings.  Granted MGMT and the Tings Tings havent’ gotten the air time of either the Zac Brown Band or Keri Hilson. 


The Michael Jackson tribute was good but sometimes all the voices didn’t harmonize or something.  Sometimes Usher sounded off.  And two American Idol ex-contestants (I would say winners, but Jennifer Hudson didn’t winner although she was definitely good enough to) out of like five people.  American Idol must be proud.   I love Earth song, but I kind of wonder how it was chosen.  It was like they wanted to do We are the World, but couldn’t get the rights (Maybe because the song is being redone).  And I wished I had those 3-D glasses.  I kind of forgot to get some before the big snow storm came in and by then it was too late.  I wasn’t going out into the snow.   

Pink’s performance was stunning.  I still can’t figure out how she can do those acrobatics and sing. I think I just starred in awe.  Especially because of the song choice too and I know I wasn’t the only one starring.  Black eyed peas did well too and I liked Lady Antebellum’s song.  And Bon Jovi of course.

The rap it the end although good sucked bad because they cussed so much half the song was edited.  So I couldn’t hear much of it.

Overall I enjoyed the Grammy’s.  How about you?  Who would you like to have seen win Grammy’s?


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This is Sparta Take Over

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Seems like too many artists have been listening the This is Sparta remix and others like it.  There’s a lot of those like the Christian Bale rant remix and all your base are belong to us remix.  Although those are parodies these are real songs that people really enjoy listening to that use the same principle, but they aren’t supposed to be funny or are they?  I really can’t tell.  Listen to the Black Eyed Peas Imma Be and 50 cents’ baby by me  and Jay Z’s On to the next one.  Tell me if they aren’t just a little funny to you and if they don’t all sound kind of alike.

 It’s all about simple repetition.  I guess the songs that use stuttering would fall under this category too.  Umbrella…ellla..eh..eh…eh, p…p..p…poker face. What do you think about all this repetition? 


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Video Killed the Radio Star

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The extent to how true “Video Killed the Radio Star” probably couldn’t be considered in 1979, the year the Buggles produced this song along with the first video shown on mtv. 

Its gotten to the point that the audio has become visual. An artist has to do a video in order to sell their songs.  A song without a video is now like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no bread.  And of course in music videos people are not willing to look at ugly or fat so if the artist’s not hot, especially for women, their going to have a harder time making it which means we’re probably missing out on some good music because the percentage of beautiful people to not so beatiful is small. 

Its also gotten to the point that some songs just don’t sound good until the video is watched.  I didn’t really like Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow until I watched the video.  I’ve liked it a lot since.  Lady Gaga’s paparazzi is the same for a lot of people from what I’ve heard.  Personally I liked the song ok and liked it a lot better after seeing the video.

Robbie Williams new album is Reality killed the video star. Thing is both are on video and both are scripted.  So can reality (shows) kill the video star? Although it does seem that lately more people are getting famous from reality (shows, youtube, etc) than through movies and non reality shows.  I hope reality doesn’t kill the video star cuz reality kind of sucks.

What do you think about video killing the radio star or reality killing the video star?


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Spin that record DJ Hero

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DJ Hero looks interesting, not as good as Guitar Hero but interesting.   Game play looks similar to guitar hero. Hit the right notes on time.  Thing is you’re mixing songs in this game.  The songs look good, but the mixes are going to carry the game.  If they aren’t good then the game won’t be either.  I’m hooked on the Guitar Hero franchise I  may get this when its used and cheap, but right know I’m not planning on it.  I’m still thinking about getting Guitar Hero 5, because I haven’t bought it yet.

If you played it what do you think?


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The Ipod / mp3 format is taking over commercials and music videos with the appearance of touch screens.  The Black Eyed Pea’s futuristic vido for Boom Boom Pow has it.  So does this Zune commercial with Common which is music downloading site.  Problem with most of the commercials with this format is the lack of a face for the person talking.  Like how about this Hp commercial with Fergie or this one with Pharrell. There are also the Ipod touch commercials.  No faces.  😦

 Like seriously.  Where is Serena’s face?

What do you think about these commercials?


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