Picasso at VMFA

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Painting of Dora Maar

I went to Picasso for my birthday this past weekend at the Virginia Art Museum more commonly called the VMFA. They had so much of his art. It was ridiculous! Of course with this amount of Picasso on the weekend hundreds of people showed up to look at his art too. Some of those halls had me absolutely claustrophobic.  I’m usually never claustrophobic but if I hadn’t wanted to see those paintings I woulda been outta there. Not to mention that my family totally left me so I was alone in the sea of people. Yeah I was really taking my time. I came out of the exhibit a full 15 minutes after them and I would have taken longer if I could take the crowd. They tired me out.

I’m planning to go back on a week day. I have a membership so I can go free whenever I want. 🙂 Although I would like to go back with someone else with a membership so I don’t have to go in by myself…but I’ll probably be left by them as well…sigh

Did you go to see Picasso? What did you think about the exhibit?


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A gift of tea!

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I got an awesome present for my birthday that I feel I must share-tea! Green Tea! I luv tea, especially green tea. The tea’s awesome.  It was a whole green tea kit with four types of green tea, a book and a strainer.  And I tried one kind so far.  It’s so good! There’s even a kind with popcorn in it!  Well I wouldn’t really want to give any way…just tell you about it…unless you happen to be Lady Gaga.

Well my B-day’s on the 30th and Gaga’s is on the 28th.  I’ll be celebrating my birthday on hers when I go to see Wicked and drink  some delicious green tea. Gaga posted a pic of herself with an early birthday gift of a “communist red” tea cup.  Wonder if she got some tea to go with it?


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With the magic of photoshop I was about to transform a normal photo of myself into a cartoon version of me like they’ve been doing in some of the commercials recently.  If you remember what commercials please tell me.

And no I’m not obsessed with myself but I’m the only person I have full rights over my picture and I don’t have any models because I don’t have money like that.  So like many artists I will keep doing self portraits until I can get someone to pose for me or something. Look Vincent Van Gogh did a ton of himself.  We share the same birthday among other things.



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Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

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How Hello Kitty’s been celebrated this year and tons of Lady Gaga! 35 years of Hello Kitty.






























Although I have to ask is some of this too suggestive for Hello Kitty?


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