Fashion puppet

April 10, 2009 at 4:12 am (fashion, rant) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Sometimes I think that we are all fashion puppets even if we don’t want to be.  How does the fashion industry decide what’s going to be hot next season.  I know they look at trends of what people are buying, but they have to look ahead and predict what people will want to buy. 

One problem with this is that if things are out of fashion like a certain cut of jeans you can’t find them and all cuts of jeans do different things for people so not everyone can wear every cut.  Skinny Jeans tends to make the butt look bigger because the legs are thin so the butt is accentuated.  On the other hand flair jeans make the butt look smaller because of the balance of the flair.  And flair jeans have been the main jeans selling for YEARS.  I’m kind of tired of them.  So do they continue to be in because people continue to buy them? And are skinny jeans in now, because boots and ballet flats are in. People need different types of clothes available because different body types demand different clothing, not to mention that people have different fashion sensiblities.

What I’m afraid of is that shoulder pads are supposedly coming back.  If they come in full force it will be hard to find things without some in there.  I’ve already bought something unknowingly with shoulder pads in them. I wasn’t totally happy about that.

Do you feel like a fashion puppet? Forced to buy what’s in style or not buy anything new at all?


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