New American Idol Judge and Disco Ball wearer?

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I worked the Chris Isaak Concert and for all the people my age and younger who don’t know who he is, he sang Wicked Game which if you don’t know you must listen to it.  Its one of the sexiest songs out there.  He was a one hit wonder from the 80s and for one reason or other I know my one hit wonders. Anyways I keep hearing that American Idol wants him to be the judge that replaces Simon.  Yeah he knows about music, but I can’t say how good of a judge he’ll be and that they are now considering him over Bret Michaels is surprising.  He’s had like two talks with producers now.

His stage  outfits so reminded me of Lady Gaga, it wasn’t even funny. First he went on stage in a glittery hot pink suit that wasn’t too reminiscent of Lady Gaga, but then he changed into a 30 pound mirror suit that was the male Disco Ball Dress. And being that it was over a hundred degrees he could only wear it for like ten minutes.

Who do you think should be the new American Idol judge? I hate to say who should replace Simon, because who can replace Simon?


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Crystal Bowersox’s got the 90s vibe

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First off, I think Crystal Bowersox should have won against Lee.  She’s a better singer no contest.  The problem with her is she’s not in a decade she could have been REALLY big in.  She’s so natural and organic with a Janis Joplin voice and vibe.

The 90s carried the 70s spirit and it was the decade Crystal would have flourished in.  Today’s music is not about singer/songwriter types and is about over production.  Crystal would have done great with music like Alanis Morrisette, Jewel and Sarah McLachlan.  Which is why in the finale they had her singing with Alanis Morrisette and why they had her sing Black Velvet and why she was smacking awesome. That’s the type of music she should be during.  Unfortunately that’s not the type of music that’s in. Fashion wise we’re headed back to the 90s, but pop music wise we’re currently in the 80s with the emphasis on computerized sound. And sad thing is if she was actually in the 90s she probably wouldn’t have made it because there was no American Idol.  Maybe if she went back to the 70s she would have been ok. Well she’s got a record deal.  Let’s see how she does.

What do you think? That she would have been bigger in the 90s? Think we’re go back to that sound anytime soon?


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Grammys ’10 Battle of the divas

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I saw the grammys last night and thought it was awesome and because of the amount of female artist dueling it out for supremcy thisgrammy was officially the Battle of the Divas.

Lady Gaga and Elton John’s opener did not disappoint.  It came complete with a fame factory, monsters, and a sacrifce.  Gaga was sent straight to the flames.  Wish Gaga won a grammy on air and not just the two she won before, but I’m not complaining.  She did win more than one grammy and some awesome artists have never won any like Diana Ross who never won any despite being nominated for 12.

Beyonce was awesome as ever.  She’s in a league of her own.  5 Grammy wins, 2 years in a row.  I think she’s the only female artist so far to accomplish that.  It must have been weird for her to watch Jayz accept that award with Rihanna and her (B’s) nephew. I wish Rihanna had been able to perform that would have been nice.

So glad Kanye wasn’t there.   Didn’t get to yell at Taylor Swift as she cleaned up awards, not as much as Beyonce, but still.  She got album of the year.  I knew she would, but I’m still mad.  Just because she’s cute and had Kanye do something horrid.  I think it should have gone to Gaga or Beyonce.  I did like seeing Taylor perform with Stevie Nicks.


There was mad pairing going on at the Grammys.  Lady Gaga and Elton John, Taylor Switft and Stevie Nicks, and Roberta Flack and Maxwell.  I haven’t seen or heard about Roberta in like forever where’d they find her? I know she’s older now, but boy did she look stiff, like she couldn’t bend her neck.  It looked kind of uncomfortable.

I guess because I don’t listen to country I didn’t realize the Zac Brown Band was such a big deal.  I was hoping for Keri Hilson or MGMT or even the Ting Tings.  Granted MGMT and the Tings Tings havent’ gotten the air time of either the Zac Brown Band or Keri Hilson. 


The Michael Jackson tribute was good but sometimes all the voices didn’t harmonize or something.  Sometimes Usher sounded off.  And two American Idol ex-contestants (I would say winners, but Jennifer Hudson didn’t winner although she was definitely good enough to) out of like five people.  American Idol must be proud.   I love Earth song, but I kind of wonder how it was chosen.  It was like they wanted to do We are the World, but couldn’t get the rights (Maybe because the song is being redone).  And I wished I had those 3-D glasses.  I kind of forgot to get some before the big snow storm came in and by then it was too late.  I wasn’t going out into the snow.   

Pink’s performance was stunning.  I still can’t figure out how she can do those acrobatics and sing. I think I just starred in awe.  Especially because of the song choice too and I know I wasn’t the only one starring.  Black eyed peas did well too and I liked Lady Antebellum’s song.  And Bon Jovi of course.

The rap it the end although good sucked bad because they cussed so much half the song was edited.  So I couldn’t hear much of it.

Overall I enjoyed the Grammy’s.  How about you?  Who would you like to have seen win Grammy’s?


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Lady Gaga Live!

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I finally saw Lady Gaga live.  It took months.  Originially she was supposed to come to Richmond April 3.  The place she was originally supposed to play at Toad’s place was deep in debt and closed down and then she was going to place at the National, but she was suddenly asked to play at American idol.  So it took her until the 28th of September to make it back to Richmond.  Thankfully September worked better for me than April.

Unfortunately her opening acts did not join her and for all the tickets to be general admission alot of the ticket prices were jacked up, but I don’t think the fans cared.  They were awesome! I guess I should say we, because I’m one too.  They dressed in lively costumes. Even Kermit the frog came.  There was this one guy who looked like Boy George that even posed when going down the aisle whose style I’ve chosen to call extreme new wave.  People commented how it was like the runway. Parents came and rocked out and brought there kiddies.  This was not a kiddie show.  I swear there was more than one 8 year old.  Before the concert they were playing dance remixes that sounded like video game music and hyped up the crowd.  One song even included a countdown that made even stand up thinking that Gaga was coming out and every few minutes everyone chanted Gaga, Gaga, Gaga.

Youtube does Lady Gaga no justice, but you can see like the entire concert was put on Youtube not too long after the show.  You can find it here or type lady gaga richmond into youtube. Her shiny outfits reflected onto the walls and crowds looking like moving stars and the lights created awesome shades against the wall of her and her dancers.  It felt like a rock show with the metal influenced band playing for her during and inbetween acts.  Her films: The brain, the heart, the face were played on different types of screens.  Her entrance was amazing. Gaga even threw gloves, a drum stick,  and a pair of shades into the audences. The whole show was great.  Best concert I’ve seen even if it was a bit short, a little more than an hour.  I’m sure the length will get better as she releases new songs but I wonder if she could have been on tour so long if she sang longer.



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Gaga Fashion

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I’m sure everyone knows Lady Gaga’s got fashion whether you like it or not.  Liked that zipper eye she wore on American idol?  I like her fearless style.  Aristist have been known to wear outrageous things.  Sometimes its a hit and others its a miss.  It takes someone fearless to truly find hits.

One thing that I’ve learned from her fashion is who her inspiration is and I think they are awesome.  I’ve been learning a lot about fashion from Lady Gaga.  Funny considering she has a song called fashion where she lists off some of the top designers.  I was kind of clueless before to tell you the truth…I didn’t know what Manolos where besides that they were designer shoes.

There’s Margiela

Lady GaGa-RWP-000716.jpg

Like the shoulder pads?

Then there’s Chaylan Have you seen the bubble dress?


Some people have rightly commented that Lady Gaga’s haus created an almost exact replica of the Chaylan dress instead of buying one.  The thing I have to disagree about with this post is that Chaylan did not miss out on publicity.  I found out about it because Lady Gaga’s always saying his name and since I liked the bubble dress I found out who’s idea it was.  And it was a good thing she never claimed it was her idea, or else that really would have been stealing.

The list goes on and on really for designers that I either found out because of her or found out more about them. I’m sure you don’t want an entire list of them.  It would really get ridiculous.  But by learning about designers I’ve found the ones that I like.  I’m sure that will be others that I like, but at least know I can say I have favorites.

And has anyone else noticed that Lady Gaga’s style has been progressing? At first it consisted of catsuits, shoulder pads, head scarves, and no pants stuff with fairly plain designs.  Now she has the zipper eye-star outfit, the prism dress, the black and white lightning dress, the bubble dress, the chrome dress, and who knows what else.


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