Makes you want to be a Zombie doesn’t it?

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Natalia Kills, a British-born Jamaican, is being compared to Lady Gaga and Rihanna.  I wouldn’t say she’s very Gagaish except that she says Space Cowboy just play that track which is also something Gaga has said and this one pic which kind of reminds me of a particular scene in Telephone in which Gaga wears the cigarette glasses. And like Gaga she works with Akon and Space Cowboy and is in Cherrytree records.  Ok I guess that’s a lot in common, but it still doesn’t make her Gagaish.


So far she seems far more like Rihanna in her Rated R phase. Zombie is a very dark track that starts off sounding like Mad House and she’s singing about being in love with a zombie for crying out loud its going to be dark. The  lyrics like ” Cold, cold, freezing, freezing Got my heart beating, beating” and  “Cause he chasing me nightlyAnd I want him to bite me” are disturbing enough to give you the creeps, but not to stop listening to the song.  The video reminds me of Russian Roulette and old video footage.  She kind of reminds me of Kanye with his videos Paranoid and Coldest Winter and his use of autotune. The over all effect of the song and video is a vintage horror movie with a rocking track.

Now enough with the comparisons. People do it too much, but really it can’t be helped.  A sound and image can call up similar sounds and images. The song’s good I think, but has a heavy use of autotune. I guess I have to wait to see how well she really sings. But Zombie’s a good start to the album Perfectionist that is scheduled for a 2010 release. With Zombie she shows crossover appeal to America, but we’ll have to wait and see. And her new single Activate My Heart seems good too.


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Rocking German Bands

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Lately I’ve noticed a good number of German bands trying to make it in America.  The problem with a lot of bands trying to make it here is the accent and language.  Americans want to listen to their songs in English and don’t want it to sound foreign.  The countries that do the best with sending there music here are of course England and then Sweden.   There have been German bands such as The Scorpions who have made it big in America, but not many.  I would like to have more make it.  Here are a few that are making an attempt, as far as I can see.

Cinema Bizarre love songs (they kill me)  An anime inspired band that opened for Lady Gaga during her Fame Ball Tour.

Polarkreis 18  allein allein, the colour of snow  In the process of releasing their first album in America.

Tokio Hotel monsoon Had an English language album released and won some awards over here.

I also like oomph, enomine, and rammstein, but I don’t think any of these groups are making moves here.  Besides these groups are older.

If you listen to German rock.  Who are some of your favorites and what do you think their chances of making in America are?


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Comic prowess

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I figured I better write some about art since my blog is titled “the life of an artist in the making.” I’ve found from drawing comics and writing them that doing both is rather difficult.  Besides the fact that it takes longer doing both, I’ve found that graphic novel artists need to know about fashion, architecture, plants, facial expressions, and just about everything you see.  After all it  is a visual art. On the otherhand a writer of a novel has to have the vocabulary and knowledge in order to describe these things.  At least I think they should. 

Graphic novels, manga and such should be taken seriously at least by the artist/authors, but I have the feeling that a lot of American manga is not taken very seriously.  The most of the stories seem to be comedic in that has gag after gag.  They’re often over photoshopped. Americans still have awesome graphic novels though. Britains got awesome ones too coming from Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. Problem is they don’t seem as popular here as manga.  Compare the graphic novel section to the manga section in a book store. 

Graphic novels are becoming more popular as more movies are being made from them like Corraline and The Watchmen and as people realize graphic novels aren’t just silly none sense as with Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis (also made into a movie) and Art Spiegelman’s Maus.


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British Invasion

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Seriously what happened to American music? We still have rap, but what about pop, rock and everything else? There is a serious British invasion going on right now in part because their music is so good.  I mean have you looked at Britain’s got Talent.  Even people coming from no where like Susan Boyle can belt out a tune (awesomely I might add).  I know America’s got Talent but where is it?  

There’s a lot of Blue Eyed soul coming out of the UK with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and Adele.  They’ve got the Ting Tings, Estelle, Lily Allen…then there’s Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, M.I.A, shall I continue?

Then it seems like they want to steal our good muscians.  Madonna seems to think she’s British. Michael Jackson’s supposed to be touring there and not here.  A British magazine claimed Lady Gaga was British once.  And a how lot of other people thought she was British, because it used to be if you were eccentric and could pull it off you were from the UK.  Look at Boy George and Elton John. Then both Lady Gaga and Brandon Flowers of The Killers performed with The Pet Shop Boys at the British Awards Show.  Not to mention that Flowers has said “We’ve been embraced in Britain in a way that I’ll never understand, and it’s such a wonderful thing,” he says. “But over here [in America], people are still so obsessed with Led Zeppelin and Nirvana, those sorts of bands, that nobody else is allowed [to grow].” and Lady Gaga has commented on how Britain is more of accepting of her than the US.

Do you think the US doesn’t allow talent to develop as well as the UK? I think that if someone’s strange or different the US doesn’t look as favorably on them.  I think that’s the big reason Adam Lambert didn’t win American Idol.  What do you think?


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Craziness of Japan on American TV

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Lately the US has been showing more and more of Japanese TV and converting for Americans. This summer there was I survived a Japanese Game show which was very much like Big Brother, only in Japan and having less focus on personal drama.  Ninja Warrior and another show like were also popular during the summer .  The Japanese Game Show involved Americans competing on a fake Japanese game show in Japan.  Coming soon will be a show called Hole in the Wall in which contestants jump through boards with holes in it.  (Look Like Japanese TV to me). 

Well New York goes to Hollywood had a Japan segment in which the viewer gets to see behind the scenes of Japanese tv and its not pretty. It was funny in a rather sad way. It was so wrong.  I couldn’t have dealt with that especially to people who didn’t deserve it. That woman didn’t deserve to be hit or that man choked.  The director was seriously out of control.  The video unfortuately shows an example of the superior having utter control over the people beneath him and no one wants to or can complain.  It’s a rather big problem in Japan although it does happen everywhere.

Let’s see how popular Japanizing American shows gets.  Japanese gameshow are always outrageous and fun to watch.  Hai Majide!


How I survived a Japanese Game Show

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Cost of a strat

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I was walking around best buy looking at the electric keyboards and turned around to see guitars. Really cheap ones that say that they are made by Gibson and Fender.  They were under 200 bucks along with the amp. I look at the box, well only the fender because that’s the kind I bought, in order to compare the cost and see what’s different about it.  So my strat was 399 because it was made in Mexico and that one was around 100 or so, because it came with the amp.  And considering the price of the American made guitars to my Mexican made one… I only hope the quality is more.  Is the difference that is more assembly line style made and that the workers are paid less, because I noticed that where the workers are paid less and less so is the price.

I’m all for cheap stuff. Especially now with the economy and the low weight of the dollar, but I’m for quality and getting the bang for the buck.  Also I don’t like to think that people are being ripped off so badly (workers and consumers both).  What are we doing in are search for cheaper and cheaper goods? And is it even worth it?

The best guitars were said to be made in the late 50s and early 60s before they became mass produced.  I’m sure they were more expensive comparatively and I wonder how much the workers were paid in comparison, but I wonder how much quality is lost.  It is not only the guitar that has become like this.  So many other things have been made cheap so that people can afford them, but as they are made cheap they are outsourced. Businesses try to rip off their workers to make profits and keep costs down.


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