Gaga Rumours

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As usual there are strange rumours floating around and of course Lady Gaga has attracted a lot of them.  Here’s some I’ve heard.  If you’ve got more please tell me.

Like is she a man or a hermaphrodite?  Check this video on youtube people think its proof.  I don’t think so.  Just because her clothes are drag queen inspired (and less so as time goes on) doesn’t mean she is one. 


A mind control victim of the Illuminati? Do people actually people in the Illuminati? Because this is just plain strange.  The symptoms of mind control are a degenerate personality, etc.  This site‘s got it all mapped out.  If you believe in an illuminati conspiracy maybe you’ve been watching National Treasure too much.  Although I can’t say if the illuminati exist or not.  Maybe they do. 

An Alien?  Saw the parody?  And there are transmissions she made in which says she has been sent to Earth to infiltrate human culture one sequin at a time.  You can watch the transmissions on her blog.

A robot?  A lot of her dance moves are robotic so are some of her songs.  Especially the recorded ones with the autotune she uses.  Thankfully live she doesn’t sound so robotic.

I hope people don’t really believe half of these…I personally don’t believe any of it.  Alien, robot, illuminati? Huh.  Man or Hermaphrodite?  I don’t think so either.  But what do you think?  Think any of these are true?


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Women to Bratz and aliens

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Women need to make sure they eat.  Well everyone need to eat, but some women are so busy trying to be skinny that they don’t eat. Because they aren’t eating their appearance changes.  Their head appears bigger in comparison to the bodies and because the face is kind of emaciated too the eyes look bigger.  This makes them look like bratz dolls or aliens.  Seriously.

Look at this pic of Lindsay Lohan not that she’s the only one.  It’s unfortunate but the look is getting more common.

This is really scary looking too


  see how the alien has a skinny body, big head and eyes?


The Bratz’s heads are large in proportion to their bodies as well. It’s kind of like the anime characters big heads and eyes.  This look scares me.  I would much rather see normal looking women.  Lindsay usually looks much better than the pic shown.

What do you think about this?


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