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I’ve officially decided to write about my life as fiction. Seriously. I’ve had so much craziness happen.  A friend told me I had a day that was just like a teen movie. I would say it was like Take Him to the Greek. Although I could be wrong./ I haven’t seen that movie yet. In one day I went  to a biker bar, had to buy so much soda and beer that people were trying to invite themselves to my party, had a famous person say he loved me from the back of a minivan. I went the wrong way down a one way street sort of, had rowdy band members in the van and I’m sure you can image what they were talking about…Oh and Blake Shelton hunted alligator. He’s a pretty cool dude.

Oh and to end the night I drove past a possom that I feared was a giant rat with glowing eyes, two families of deer, and worst of all a skunk on my way home.  Thankfully it didn’t stink me.  I had just seen this black thing with a white stripe down its back in the middle of the road.

Day before that craziness I had joined a jam session with a guitar that wasn’t even mine.  I had never played an acoustic before.  Boy was that thing light.  So the session was at a rehab center and a crazed dude was outside trying to escape as a friend and I entered the building. 

With all this craziness I have plenty of material for comics and stories.  Let’s see if I have time to use this. I have more where this came from. Well I have a concert tomorrow.  More will probably happen.

Not to mention I took a pic of a painting from the 1920s that looks just like Boy George that I really wasn’t supposed to.  I guess they might have asked me to delete it if they had caught me taking that pic…and here I am posting it for everyone to see. It was in the art museum and no photography was allowed…boy do I ever pay attention. So here it is.

Cool huh?

I saw the Counting Crows and their traveling circus and medicine show thanks to my inglorious internship and they were awesome. They had the opening acts go up to the stage interchangeably instead of making them go up first so that people would have the chance to see them knowing that people like to show up late to only see the opener.  And those guys were all good.  If you get the chance that is a good one. They were with Augustana and Notar.

Well I wrote more than enough.  Now I’m going to practice my guitar and get ready for another day of a concert-Sublime with Rome.

Oh I forgot, I watched Paranormal Activity and the next day included thunderstorms, flickering lights, and strange voices…that may explain my strange life.


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20s stylin’

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Short Bob Haircuts 2009

Recently I’ve really started like the 20s as in 1920s.  Guess it started with the comeback of the bob for me.  I think bobs are awesome, but unfortunately I’m not brave enough to cut my hair. *sigh….anyways the first person I noticed with an awesome bob was Rihanna who seemed to love cutting her hair.  Not so much lately though.  But now it seems like bobs are popping up everywhere like with Philip Lim’s models, Lady gaga, they’re just everywhere. 


Also, for the 20s fashion there’s the emphasis on legs and I luv tights and leggings.  I luv all colors and styles and I’m always glad to see other people in them as well as long with they have nice legs.  I wear them as often as possible.  Of course that shows up again in the 60s, but I think its awesome.  Wearing tights and leggings means plenty of tunics, short dresses and skirts.

Recently I had bought a cloche which is a hat from the 20s.  I wore it as much as possible since its made from wool and would be kind of hard to wear as of now.  Mine looks kind of like this one, but with a smaller bow.  I’ve like these since I saw Angelina Jolie’s hat from the Changeling.  Haven’t watched the movie yet, but the style was awesome.

I suppose you can tell my favorite designer from this list of things that I’ve listed.

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