Bigger than Jesus

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In the 60s, the Beatles claimed they were bigger than Jesus. It pissed people off, but no one had any proof if they actually were bigger than Jesus…at least  in the minds of people.  The people at Urlesque decided to see if anyone was actually bigger than Jesus today. And the results weren’t really surprise, well except for the cats.

So whose bigger than Jesus? The singers with the most views on You Tube, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. 

Just don’t replace either one of them with Jesus. It does lead to some funny pics, but otherwise its just scary. 

Gaga as a Saint:

The Last Supper with Gaga as Jesus.

fuckyeahladygaga:  ‘Lady Gaga’s Last Supper.’ (source)  Hahahaha. I like this. There’s Shakira on her right! Hell yeah!  Left of Gaga: Britney SpearsBeyonceMariah CareyJanet JacksonWhitney HoustonMadonnaRight of Gaga:ShakiraKelly ClarksonPinkJessica SimpsonRihanna

I haven’t seen glorifying pics of Bieber yet…but I’m sure they’re out there.

Jesus is definitely not on people’s minds as much as he once was. Its certain that people wouldn’t  be phased today if somesome claimed to be bigger than Jesus.  They would just sigh and accept that as the reason for things being the way they are today (what ever that means to them).

I’ll admit I don’t google Jesus much. I should probably think about him more often, but it isn’t like he is currently making headlines. Maybe sometime after society sped up we slowly stopped caring about things that don’t change.  The Bible stays the same, but our views about it have changed. So we don’t look up Jesus, we look up what people want to change.

I think even if we think about others more often than Jesus, Jesus will remain the constant that we compare everyone to.  Tomorrow we could literally forget all those stars on Urlesque’s list, but we won’t forget Jesus.  We haven’t forgotten in over 2000 years.

I am one of those people who google Gaga all the time (Bad pun?).  With her its different every day.  Just means I’m interested to see what she does. Doesn’t mean I replace Jesus with her though.

What do you think? Bigger than Jesus?



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Art isn’t all that serious, yo

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If I just told you that the National Gallery in DC has some awesome art you could rightly say duh. They’ve got Da’vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Vermeer to name a few famous artists in this gallery. Not that I knew that when I went in.  I guess I thought it was all American art or something.  I don’t know why though. I’m so glad I was wrong. The great art was great, but it was even better, because a lot of it was hilarious. There are things going on in some paintings that aren’t exactly normal, you just have to look at it closely enough.  Which could get you in trouble.  It got me talked to more than once. 

This paintings bigger than the pic I took of it, but seriously the dog is biting the horse in a very bad place.

Look at this painting. Dude looks just like Professor Quirrell, that teacher in Harry Potter that was hiding Voldemort on his head.

Think about what you could do with this? People could give humor tours in museums to point out these hilarious bits and connections to our culture today.  It would definitely attract young people.


PS. Come on VMFA. This could take you to the next level.

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Gaggia Coffee Espresso

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I saw the Gaggia Coffee Espresso  machine and went gaga.   An espresso machine that sounds like its got something to do with Lady Gaga? Awesome. Well it is an Italian company that makes it.

But really the most awesome thing about them is their coffee cups.

With a cup this awesome you can feel like Lady Gaga.

Granted she drinks tea.


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Gaga’s VMAs

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I thought Lady Gaga’s escorts were awesome.  It was ashame they were all discharged.  And Gaga looks awesome here. (And the whole time really).

Chelsea Handler’s Bad Romance came complete with a house on her head.

Gaga couldn’t even walk in this dress.

Meat dress!  I saw it and just started yelling meat, meat, she’s wearing meat! 

It was truly Gaga’s night. 8 wins and a commercial inbetween with one of her songs.


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Good Vids not nominated

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The VMAs had good vids this year, but it doesn’t mean that those were the best out there. Those were the best out of the most popular vids. Sometimes most popular coincides with best as with Bad Romance, but that’s rare.

Here’s a few awesome vids from this year:

Broken Bells  The Ghost Inside   Christina Hendricks is in this vid,  that’s definitely a bonus.

Interpol Lights   Its hypnotic and actually rather deep so beware.

I like Nicki Minaj’s vid for Your Love, because of the Japanese theme and that she actually let herself get killed. I actually felt sorry for her. That something that never happens in music videos for me.  I also like Crossfire- Brandon Flowers, because there are ninjas and there’s role reversal.  He’s the one being saved instead of doing the saving.

What other videos would you add?


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Women of Rock

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I just read an article about Heart in Rolling Stone (from Sept this year not from that old one where the pics from) that saddens me, but at the same time showed me how Heart is even more awesome than I thought. After their hits Barracuda, Crazy on You, and Magic Man in the late 70s someone had to come up and get them to do power ballads, that granted are REALLY awesome, but if that wasn’t what they wanted to do they shouldn’t have have been moved into that direction.  I knew that shiz was going down when Heart came out in the late 70s, but come on. Still today? Last post I said Gretchen Wilson plans to be the first female to release a Southern Rock Album and had to create her own record label to do it.

Women can rock it out. They gave Joan Jett shiz for playing the guitar.  Something about it being just for men. Puh, and I heard they convinced Lady Gaga to do pop instead of rock, telling her it was too hard for a female to break into rock. Although the Gaga concert I went to was rock.  I don’t think they can keep that away from her.  She’s gonna do what she wants now. (And rock may not actually be selling as much anyways.)

And it’s only “ok” when for a female to do rock if she’s vocals. Gwen Stefani- No Doubt, Haley Williams- Paramore, Shirley Manson- Garbage and for something a little more obscure check out Lacuna Coil. If you want to rock I say do it. Now I’ve gotta practice more on my guitar.


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Make it Short

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Make things as short as possible, otherwise people won’t take the time to read it or say it.  Pizza Hut’s the Hut, but I still haven’t heard anyone say that.  And if you look for a picture of the hut online you’ll mostly get pics of Jabba the Hut who I really don’t want to look at.  The same for Radio Shack turning into the Shack. Who says the Shack.  When the YMCA said they were now the Y I think they were like the only ones who changed their name to the short form that people actually use.  Personally I think that because people text so much they just don’t want to bother writing out the whole title, like ever, so they just shortened it.  But people could have always been this lazy, but I wouldn’t know.  And it could just be an attempt to sound cool, like calling people by the first letter in their name.


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Gaga’s the Last Unicorn?

August 6, 2010 at 9:56 pm (music, pop culture) (, , , , , , , )

In Vanity Fair’s September Issue Gaga goes Gray.


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MIA’s off her rocker

July 26, 2010 at 8:52 pm (music, pop culture) (, , , , , )

Mia’s been talking junk about people for a while, but I don’t care, not really, even if its mostly targeted at Lady Gaga even to the point of including Oprah into her smack. But if she’s going to act like this at the Virgin Mobile Free Fest I don’t want a part of it. Performing badly and spiting on photogs. Forget about it.


PS. Yes I’m bitter about not going to the Virgin Moblile Free Fest and I’ll use this to make myself feel better…if only a little…

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