A Bittersweet Flashback

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One of the most beautiful songs of the 90s and quite possibly of all time, Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve has a Bittersweet history.  A lot of songs sample music from other tracks, but don’t lose their song writing credits. I suppose it matters who you are. If you’ve got a big name like Madonna and that case over her song Frozen, I guess you get to keep your credits. Same case with Bitter Sweet Symphony. The Verve is the less known group when compared to the Rolling Stones, so the Stones ended up with the credit for it, 100% even though the lyrics were original and it wasn’t a direct copy.

So what was copied? The melody for The Rolling Stones’ The Last Time, but not directly. They sampled the Andrew Oldham Orchestra’s version.

And so the Verve whenever they play this song, their most popular and successful song, they helping to fill the bank of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards more than their own.


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