Soylent Green is People!

December 5, 2010 at 9:04 pm (movies, rant) (, , , , )

I watched both Fast Food Nation and Food, Inc in the past few weeks and I’ve come to the conclusion that Soylent Green is People or at least where our food comes from is disturbing.

Granted our food is not people like in the movie Soylent Green, its mostly corn. Food, Inc showed that  basically everything down to gum, mouth wash, and vanilla extract is corn. Sorbitol and mono and di-glycerides can be made from corn and we all know about high fructose corn syrup. Corn in general is suposed to make us fat…cuz it makes you hungrier. Of course this wasn’t shown in the film, but knowing that made it all the more disturbing. Basically anything processed has corn and as Americans we eat a lot of processed foods. Not that we should never eat corn, but we shouldn’t mostly eat corn.

Currently I’m not sure what I can do with this knowledge…its probably going to sink away into oblivion within my mind. Its not something I want to think about much. The corn is bad enough, but eating poop in my meat is not a savory idea.  But I like my meat so what am I supposed to do about that? Stop eating it? Hmm I could give it up, but its hard when meat is so engrained in our conception of a meal.  Go organic? Good idea, but I’ll have to wait until I make some money cuz that is some expensive stuff.

What do you think?



  1. hoboduke said,

    We’re getting closer to trading people for the greater good of society. Ethanol from corn has made green energy fanatics warm and fuzzy, as we starve and price out of range corn as a food for the poor. It’s good to make us happy about saving the world to suit our fancy, as people can’t afford to eat as we burn up food for driving. We’re not eating people, but we’re burning up their our gas tank. Guess we’re running out of oil since we probhibit drilling.

  2. Kogepannyanko said,

    I think the major problem here is that people have been so severed from nature that they are forced to eat artificial junk just to survive. In my opinion, food should be free. You should be able to just walk outside and pick fruit from trees and not worry about what’s in it or the cost or even whether it will make you fat in the long run. Unfortunately not everyone lives in a garden of eden.

    However, I think we will slowly move towards that direction as more people are starting to grow some, if not all, of their own food. This is the best way to avoid consuming the toxic crap that the capitalist food and drug industries want us to ingest, and it also mitigates the issue of coughing up extra dough for some “organic” stuff. At the same time, however, the distribution of land and water is going to keep people from being able to live a natural lifestyle. Why should anyone have to pay for food, water, or a roof over their head? Paying 25 grand for a car is understandable. Somebody had to design and build the thing. But 160 grand for a 1/4 acre of land? Or $5 for some a tiny bottle of fancy artisan water from New Zealand? Seriously? Nobody had to build that land or make the water, it was always there, long before humans. And god knows how many innocent Native Americans were killed and their land taken just so Americans today can take out mortgages that they can’t afford to fulfill some “American Dream.” Who really owns the land anyway?

    I think the corruption of our food, water, and land all started when we had to start “paying” for stuff with some arbitrary, made up currency. And the resulting pollution of our environment and food is just a consequence of that.

    • hoboduke said,

      Have you ever lived off nature? There are animals that may want to eat you! Back to nature sounds good until the bugs, mice, rats, are all competing for the food you just harvested. Deer eat apples off the trees, and the corn out of the field, rabbits will enjoy your lettuce, etc. I live in a farming community. The pilgrims discovered that bloggers aren’t really good farmers. You’ll starve to death while daydreaming on the ideal balance of man in nature. My son helps a farmer, and it’s hard, grueling work for most the day from before sunrise, to well past sunset at night and that is 7 days a week. Nobody can support themselves. What vegetables will you harvest during the deadof winter? That’s why we store and import food, since ancient times as in the Bible.

  3. JC said,

    I’m not sure a complete return to nature is a viable idea because obviously our priorities in American society has shifted. Most work in profession unrelated to the agriculture industry, so we don’t have time to then come home and harvest land. That being said, I think community gardens are a good idea. The food has less chemicals, if any, and it doesn’t require the same person to work the garden 24/7. And most community gardens, especially in cities, don’t have an animal problem. I doubt you’d find deer eating your apples, but that’s why you build fences/gates…to keep animals out.

    And I don’t think you need to give up meat completely. We don’t need a lot of meat in our diets, so buying organic meat is doable if you only plan to eat meat once or twice a week…or less.

    And I agree that basic essentials like food and water have been corrupted by corporations. A major reason why this country is so obese is because a lot of people don’t have access to healthy food because it’s so expensive. Apples are $3.99 a pound, but you can buy chips 2 for $5. That’s not even real food! It’s just a bunch of chemicals molded into an edible form. If the USDA regulated food properly so that actual food cost less than junk food crap, more people would buy the healthier food because it’s cheaper and better. But…that probably won’t happen because corporations only care about money and the government is extremely influenced by corporate America.

    • hoboduke said,

      You can’t get more organic meat than wild game that has not been stuffed with grain fed marbling fat. Hate to target Bambi, but many people live off venison in my area since they can’t afford to buy meat in the store. Living off the land does mean killing and harvesting all types of food. A bullet costs a lot less than going to gourmet organic groceries that charge more than food off the land.

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