Singin’ in front of the Class

November 18, 2010 at 4:25 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Many people have a fear of speaking in front of a crowd. It completely understandable. I’ve gotten more used to it thanks to having to speak in front of people often, but I’m still not completely comfortable.  How many people are?

So I had to sing in front of class today.  I’m a terrible singer.  I’ve known this since I was 7. I was sure I was not good at anything musical. It just wasn’t my talent. I’ve gotten better now.  I can somewhat play the guitar and I can hear what makes a song good, but sadly my singing hasn’t really improved. Beyonce’s voice won’t be coming out of me anytime soon. So of course I was horrified with even the idea of singing in front of others. But I got through it. Maybe it’ll help me be more comfortable in front of others. I don’t know, but there’s not much worse I could do in front of a large group than sing when you can’t sing.

For class, we had to write a song with our own melody about something we love.  Knowing I can’t sing I wanted it to be funny so I sang about Sesame Street. I even got to mention Katy Perry in a line of the song. Sadly most people in my class didn’t know about Katy Perry singing hot and cold while chasing Elmo or that this video was banned from the show, but not from You Tube. People complained that she had shown too much cleavage for a children’s show.

What do you think about Katy Perry’s attempt to be on Sesame Street?

I wonder what Elmo would think of this shirt….think she’ll ever be back on the show?


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