Rally to Restore Fear/ Sanity

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I saw some cool stuff at the rally to restore fear/sanity that I hadn’t expected to see. One of them was Crazy Train v. Peace Train. My footage wasn’t as good as what I could actually see because I was watching the screen.  I didn’t want to miss any of the action. Ozzy as usual looked confused.  I don’t know if he knew where he was.  Even as confused as he looks he still performs well. I never expected to see ever see him or Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens).  It was worth going to DC for by itself.  After that the O’Jays performed love train in matching white suits.

A heck of a lot of people were wearing costumes, but what do you expect it was Halloween weekend. There were a whole bunch of people climbing trees too. I think the combination of the costumes, tree climbing, and the signs people carried were the some of the best part of the rally.  I think the best part though was the sheer amount of people who went.  A quarter million. And they all took the metro which made it feel like a Japanese subway but hey thats the price you pay for awesomeness.

Did you go? What did you think?



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