Hell Week

November 30, 2010 at 4:17 pm (rant) (, , , , , , , , )

Hell Week is not Shark Week. Its not cool. Its three presentations in one week.  I hope I survive. Last night I almost didn’t make it home I was so tired and that was after one presentation.

Granted for that one presentation Comcast went down and we had to change location. It frosted over last night. And of course our presentation had technical gliches…ah for having marathon meetings.  The meeting seriously went from 12pm to 1 am. It did have breaks, but come on that’s ridiculous. And all my other meetings are going to be marathons as well…

Tonight we dine in Hell.


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Why I should have my own show pt 1

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I know, I know everyone wants their own show. They think it’ll make them famous, but you probably already have to be famous to get your own show for the most part. I don’t want a show in order to be famous. Hell I don’t care if I’m actually in it.  I just believe that the things that happen to me are so weird and funny that my life should be a show. A reality show would be the last thing that would give it justice really, but my life could easily be a sitcom or a cartoon. A comic would work too.  Really it would be like one of those Nickelodeon or Disney shows like icarly, Even Stevens or something.

I said a few posts ago that my life’s  like the Apprentice, which it is, but when you combine that with The Fame hilarity ensues and that hilarity is y life. If you’ve been reading my posts you know I’m obsessed with Lady Gaga so when I say the Fame I say it with what her definition. Everyone can have the Fame whether you’re actually  famous or not.

So what happened this past week?

1. I was kidnapped

2. I had to basically run from people…I think people think I’m famous or something.  It keeps leading to really awkward situations which I’ll get to another time…I feel like I need a body-guard quite often…

3. A lady tried buying Dane Cook tix from me that I don’t have.  Not to mention Dane Cook was in Richmond several weeks ago…and I don’t even like Dane Cook.

4. Saw a Segway Tour. They always make me laugh.  It’s a shame the Segway creator drove off a cliff on a Segway…

5. I went back to the Martin Agency so I thought I was on Mad Men. I wasn’t doing any advertising while I was there though…but I did see the Geico Gecko.


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Singin’ in the Rain

November 26, 2010 at 9:24 pm (movies, music, pop culture) (, , , , , , , , , , )

I watched Singin’ in the Rain in time for Glee, but I really should have watched it before. It is truly a good musical.  The singing was good, I had Singin’ in the Rain in my head for a while after watching the movie. What was really funny were the jokes on bad dubbing.  The movie made fun of dubbing before bad dubbin was done on Kung Fu movies and  it basically knew Milli Vanilli would happen.

If you don’t know Milli Vanilli was a total fake. They had other singers sing for them but unlike Debbie Reynolds’ character, they didn’t get a big break after Milli Vanilli were found to be fakes. I wonder if they wanted to be stars themselves or if they were fine in the background. Not everyone wants to be the star, even if they can sing.

But to make a circular connection to Singin in the Rain, Milli Vanilli did a song called Blame it on the Rain.

What can I say? Lip Syncing is dangerous. Look what it did to Ashlee Simpson.


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Cookie Monster 4 SNL Host!

November 24, 2010 at 3:28 pm (pop culture) (, , , , )

Cookie Monster’s audition for SNL. I think he’ll make a great host. What about you?


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Kidnapped by a Destardly Fiend

November 24, 2010 at 12:01 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

What happened wasn’t as bad as I’m gonna make it sound so don’t worry about my safety, but recently I was kidnapped by a mustached fiend. You know the guy that always ties the girl to the railroad tracks. It was all thanks to four loko. Yes, the energy alcoholic drink can turn someone into a kidnapper such as Dick Dastardly. Really I kind of wish the mustached guy had a pencilstache, then I could’ve said I’d been kidnapped by Dick Dastardly. But who would believe that? Is it wrong that I think that would’ve been awesome? He had more of a 70s porn mustauche to celebrate Movember.  Too bad huh?

Four Loko and Staches don’t mix. Don’t do it. 

Four Loko has been known to make people do some crazy shit.  Think it should be banned?


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Christmas too early for ya?

November 20, 2010 at 10:59 pm (commercial, Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , , )

As soon as Halloween was over it was like screw Thanksgiving, lets do Christmas. Usually its after Thanksgiving they worry about Christmas, but Christmas is the big money maker. I guess our economy’s not doing great and they say the recession’s over…

I don’t know why the atheists are against Christmas still, because honestly its all about consumerism now. Maybe they had one too many Christmas cards with the Nativity scene or God blessing  them.

The earlier I hear about Christmas, the more watered down the season feels for me.  Especially if I’m hearing about it in ads. I don’t mind talking about Christmas in fact I like to and I’m eager to celebrate the holiday, but not because I want stuff and that’s all the commercials focus on.  And I like Thanksgiving so lets not skip it for the eagerness of money and gifts that Christmas is going to bring.

What do you think? Fine with Christmas season starting right after Halloween? Or want it after Thanksgiving?


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Singin’ in front of the Class

November 18, 2010 at 4:25 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Many people have a fear of speaking in front of a crowd. It completely understandable. I’ve gotten more used to it thanks to having to speak in front of people often, but I’m still not completely comfortable.  How many people are?

So I had to sing in front of class today.  I’m a terrible singer.  I’ve known this since I was 7. I was sure I was not good at anything musical. It just wasn’t my talent. I’ve gotten better now.  I can somewhat play the guitar and I can hear what makes a song good, but sadly my singing hasn’t really improved. Beyonce’s voice won’t be coming out of me anytime soon. So of course I was horrified with even the idea of singing in front of others. But I got through it. Maybe it’ll help me be more comfortable in front of others. I don’t know, but there’s not much worse I could do in front of a large group than sing when you can’t sing.

For class, we had to write a song with our own melody about something we love.  Knowing I can’t sing I wanted it to be funny so I sang about Sesame Street. I even got to mention Katy Perry in a line of the song. Sadly most people in my class didn’t know about Katy Perry singing hot and cold while chasing Elmo or that this video was banned from the show, but not from You Tube. People complained that she had shown too much cleavage for a children’s show.

What do you think about Katy Perry’s attempt to be on Sesame Street?

I wonder what Elmo would think of this shirt….think she’ll ever be back on the show?


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The Apprentice + The Shark Tank= My Life

November 17, 2010 at 11:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

Saying my life is like the Apprentice  and Shark Tank, I’m sure you know I’m somehow into business.  True, but not quite. I’m in school for advertising and it does not feel like school. It feels like a straight up reality show. In fact it would be interesting to watch too.

Every week we have to come up with entire campaigns and other assignments that if it was for undergrad would’ve taken weeks all at the same time.  And then we have any number of presentations in one week. Not to mention we have people drop out, and fail out… All we need is Donald Trump saying “You’re Fired.” After this program I’m sure I could win the Apprentice and get my business through the Shark Tank. Of course I would need a business….I’m working on it.  I plan to launch this winter.  I have the domain name. I just have to figure out how to make a site…but that would be for another post.

It can’t be a reality show without rumors of “snake handlers” and “seas of venomous snakes” which we have in plenty.

A successful end to this show will be a good job that makes enough money so I can pay off these loans.  Its an indirect win.  I wish we were in it for straight cash or maybe not…those snake handlers might get out of control then. But then I wouldn’t be so infernally broke. But as they say “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” Its better to actually learn skills instead of just go after the cash. But better is not easier.

Anybody else living a reality show?


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A Bug of a Lemon

November 16, 2010 at 2:17 pm (commercial) (, , , , , , )

Here’s a poem about the advertising history of the VW Beetle. I had to think so much about the beetle that I ended up dreaming about the car.  Not necessarily  a bad thing, just weird.

In case you don’t know what some of their ads look like here’s the Lemon one:

Think Small:

Not many companies belittle their product. And even if they do, not to the point of the Beetle. They called it a freaking lemon. You can’t say much worse for a car.  It was a good thing the Beetle was the exact opposite otherwise those ads would have crushed the product. 


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Bigger than Jesus

November 14, 2010 at 7:20 pm (pop culture) (, , , , , , )

In the 60s, the Beatles claimed they were bigger than Jesus. It pissed people off, but no one had any proof if they actually were bigger than Jesus…at least  in the minds of people.  The people at Urlesque decided to see if anyone was actually bigger than Jesus today. And the results weren’t really surprise, well except for the cats.

So whose bigger than Jesus? The singers with the most views on You Tube, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. 

Just don’t replace either one of them with Jesus. It does lead to some funny pics, but otherwise its just scary. 

Gaga as a Saint:

The Last Supper with Gaga as Jesus.

fuckyeahladygaga:  ‘Lady Gaga’s Last Supper.’ (source)  Hahahaha. I like this. There’s Shakira on her right! Hell yeah!  Left of Gaga: Britney SpearsBeyonceMariah CareyJanet JacksonWhitney HoustonMadonnaRight of Gaga:ShakiraKelly ClarksonPinkJessica SimpsonRihanna

I haven’t seen glorifying pics of Bieber yet…but I’m sure they’re out there.

Jesus is definitely not on people’s minds as much as he once was. Its certain that people wouldn’t  be phased today if somesome claimed to be bigger than Jesus.  They would just sigh and accept that as the reason for things being the way they are today (what ever that means to them).

I’ll admit I don’t google Jesus much. I should probably think about him more often, but it isn’t like he is currently making headlines. Maybe sometime after society sped up we slowly stopped caring about things that don’t change.  The Bible stays the same, but our views about it have changed. So we don’t look up Jesus, we look up what people want to change.

I think even if we think about others more often than Jesus, Jesus will remain the constant that we compare everyone to.  Tomorrow we could literally forget all those stars on Urlesque’s list, but we won’t forget Jesus.  We haven’t forgotten in over 2000 years.

I am one of those people who google Gaga all the time (Bad pun?).  With her its different every day.  Just means I’m interested to see what she does. Doesn’t mean I replace Jesus with her though.

What do you think? Bigger than Jesus?


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