End with Countryfest

August 29, 2010 at 9:36 pm (music) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Well my music internship is now over.  I’ll miss it.  I had some fun times.  I had to figure out how to drive a 15 seater van for one thing and there was a lot of things I had never done before that maybe normal people had like make coffee.  I had never made coffee before. I kind of had to figure it out on the spot.  It was like can you make coffee? Yeah sure. Guess it didn’t taste too bad.

So the last concert I did was actually a fest which consisted of 4 bands-4 country bands.  I’m not into Country music too much unless its Country Rock which I kind of really like.  So I was really excited to see Gretchen Wilson and from listening to her I’m now interested to hear her next album which she said will be the first female Southern Rock album. She got her own record label to make sure it sounded like she wanted. The industry always seems to shy women away from rock. Women can rock too.  Besides her own songs which were all good, she started off the concert with the guitar from Scorpions Rock you like a Hurricane and later on she sang a Foreigner song Hot Blooded, which in my opinion was awesome.

I was more excited to see her than Montgomery Gentry which followed her in the fest.   Don’t get me wrong I recognize Gentry’s talent and liked their version of She Shook me All Night Long, but as I said I’m not a huge country fan. B2B was there, but I mostly missed their act while I was shuttling Gretchen’s band around.  Mickie James was there too.  I liked her song choices, she even did Tina Turner’s Proud Mary.  Sure that made for a lot of covers in one night, but they were all good so I didn’t mind.

I got to hear really goo music while doing this gig.  I’ll have to get my music fix some other way now. I’m in school now too, so it’ll probably be hard to go to concerts anyways, but there are some good ones coming up my way.




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  2. jlwagn said,

    You met Gretchen Wilson? Did she smell like beer?

  3. kagehime said,

    Did meet her, but I meet the rest of her band. She did look like she might smell of beer, but that could be just the look. What is it with you and smelling people? You asked me to smell Lady Gaga before. You’re either gonna get me arrested or you’ll be arrested over that.

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